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The iWatch will be "One more thing...." at the end of the event. After introducing the 4.7" and 5.5" iPhones, Tim Cook will come back on and say: "OK, you idiots kept screaming for ridiculous, huge-ass, unusable phones, so here they are. But since they're going to be hidden away in your purse or murse or backpack, since they won't fit in your pocket, and you sure as Hell don't want to be seen in public holding one of these fuçkers up to your face, here's a remote control...
I think this is a good counterexample for the people who are always accusing Apple of following "form over function". They wanted a two-tone flash, discovered the devices just weren't available to do it all-in-one, and brought it out anyway, despite the inelegant appearance of the pill-shaped hole. Then, they worked on getting it into more Apple-like form.
If the iWatch goes down the road a lot of you are suggesting, it will be the absolute death of the Apple brand in the under-100 demographic. We had the report a while back that Apple products weren't "cool" for the younger generation any more. That was pretty questionable, given sales, but if the iWatch turns out to be the kind of medical device you guys are talking about, before long if you're seen with an iPhone in one hand, you might as well be carrying a package of...
Yes, of course they do. That's the name of the country. Has been since 1911. Since 1949, its control has been reduced to just Taiwan (and a few smaller islands like Quemoy and Matsu), but it's still the Republic of China.
Seriously, though—he could be right. I said up above that these lower strips at the top and bottom of the back could be filled flush with plastic "or something". Maybe that something is "sapphire"*. Maybe that's what all the "sapphire" rumors are about. Nice and beveled like the corners of the 5 and 5s, but with no anodization to scrape off and undentable as well.*I can't bring myself to type "sapphire" without the scare quotes when talking about pure, colorless alumina. I...
Where the bejeezus **** are you getting that? It's the measurement of the height of the lens above the surface it emerges from—i.e., the narrow recessed part at the top.
He doesn't know that the RAM on the 27" iMac is accessible. He's never used, or maybe even seen, an iMac in his life. It's just one of the scripted criticisms in his troll manual. "When is Apple going to give us a two-button mouse, anyway!"
Jeeminy Priest, are you guys still on this?!! Are you not looking at the picture? Can't you see the narrow strips at the top and the bottom that are recessed below the main body of the back? Probably by the same .77mm? It's not going to rock! Settle down! I don't know whether the lens protrudes from that strip because they couldn't reduce the thickness of the camera without sacrificing optical performance, or because the main part of the back would hulk into its field of...
Yeah, well, every day somebody on the bus pulls out one of these tombstones and holds it up to their head, and everybody else rolls their eyes and smirks at them behind their backs. We're doing it because they look like total retards. Make no mistake, we're laughing at them because they're idiots and they look like idiots and they apparently want to look like idiots.
Why can't it do all that in a usable size? And a usable aspect ratio like 4:3, while we're at it?
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