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Oh, that's not .0001% of how I feel about those fuckers. You really don't want to hear my real opinion.
Oh, there are worse things than silver dollars....The place I worked in 1982 or 3, they put a new change machine in the lunchroom. If you put in a five, it would give you four quarters and four Susan B. Anthony dollars. Try to spend those anyplace else! They'd look at you like you just took a crap on the counter. Not to mention the teenage salesgirls who wouldn't even remember what they were.
Egyptian, actually.
Most of us here don't follow bankruptcy proceedings for entertainment, so we're not familiar with the process. This "oppressive and burdensome" language is probably par for the course. I read that and I think "mental cruelty" like in pre-no-fault divorce hearings. It's just posturing for the court. Take a deep breath and relax.
You know what, I don't really care how nice a guy Steve Jobs was or wasn't in everyday life—though it's my feeling he's been much misunderstood, but what do I know? I don't think much can be gleaned from Isaacson's book. He also wrote an Einstein biography that was shockingly muddled. The bottom line is someone's contribution to society. A bigger jerk than Isaac Newton never drew breath. Would we be better off if he had never lived?
Then there's the old writers' maxim: "Steal from one or two other writers and it's plagiarism, steal from three or more and it's research."
100%, no-money-back, spun-glass bullshit, as usual. Thanks for being consistent.
I had the same reaction. I saw the pictures here and elsewhere before I watched the keynote. The first one I saw was the stainless steel one with the expandable bracelet. I said to myself: "I don't know what it's going to do, but that is one beautiful artifact." Of course, that guaranteed that the Fandroids were going to gag on it.
Yeah but, yeah but...this is AMERICA!! Somebody has to be TO BLAME! How do you think lawyers get rich? "Shıt Happens"? Nobody can make money from that.Edit: Spell correct won't underline "id" for "is"? Damn Sigmund Freud anyway!Edit #2: Just take "Spell correct" as a portmanteau term telescoping "spell check" and "autocorrect"—sort of like "Skid Row" for "Skid Road" + "Cannery Row". Not my day today.
Philips has been pioneering for >130 years. Remember they started with their thorium mantle for gas lamps (that's the "Glooilampenfabrieken" in their name) which allowed gaslight to hold off electric lights for like 25 years. Then there's the audio cassette, the rotary shaver, the optical disc (unfortunately they jumped in while content was still analog), and as dasanman says, the wide screen flat panel TV.Unfortunately, they no longer make TVs, and have licensed their...
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