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Well, at least now we know sog35 is a pure troll. Now he can't wait to get his 5.5", while for the last months he's been assuring everybody he had no interest in a ridiculous phablet personally—he was thinking of the huge market Apple was missing. (Like 10% and shrinking of Samsung's sales, but whatever....)
It's not about seeing the pixels, it's about the arithmetic of scaling: The round-off error involved, and how many pixels are displayed as-is vs. calculated. Native resolution is always best, but failing that, the largest common divisors should be small, like 1080/720 is 3/2. 750 lines is going to be horrendous for any standard video format: in particular, 750/1080 is 125/180! The artifacts due to this will be noticeable, rest assured.
Purely technical people getting having full control over any technology used for music reproduction has historically been a recipe for disaster. They have all sorts of rules of thumb for what "the human ear can't hear" and they won't listen to any rebuttal.The first solid-state amplifiers were very, very good compared to typical tube-type amps when it came to harmonic distortion. "Yeah, but these circuit designs produce inharmonic distortion as well." "Don't be silly,...
The digital format can be as high-fidelity as you want, but except among a small minority of us "audiophiles" (a term of contempt for most people) music reproduction is a lost art, and any remaining true high-fidelity audio equipment is stratospherically expensive. 40 years ago, 0.1% Total Harmonic Distortion was entry-level for cheap receivers. Nowadays these (not-cheap) "Home Theater™" setups run typically 9%! High Fidelity was originally defined as
A sapphire screen and LiquidMetal case (crystalline screen and amorphous case instead of the other way around) would be worth doing for the sheer weirdness factor.
Yeah, that struck me as a weird thing to say, too. To me the real milestones were the original iPhone of course, then the 3GS with real GPS and the compass, the 4S with Siri, and the 5S with TouchID and 64-bit. YMMV, i suppose, but I see very little support for the theory that the "S" releases are less interesting.
Yeah, that would have been the biggest last-minute change since GM decided not to put Wankel engines in all their 1975 cars.
I'm unconvinced that this is a significant chunk of the market. People buy the humongous Samsung phones because they want a top-of-the-line phone, and that's the size Samsung's top-of-the-line phones are. I think that's absolutely all there is to it.Why are they buying Samsung instead of Apple? As unbelievable as it may seem to us tech nerds, I believe that 80-90% of consumers literally don't know that iOS and Android are two different things. They buy Samsung largely...
Your English is better than 90% of native speakers', so don't take this as criticism. I'm sure autocorrect is to blame (because you're not the only one who has it come out this way), but every single time you mean to say "definitely" (bestimmt), what actually comes out is "defiantly" (trotzig).(Google Translate tried to "correct" me in the opposite direction when I checked to see if my 45-year-old high school German was right.)
1) Yes2) Yes. More (pentile) pixels doesn't mean better except to spec-hound neckbeards.3) Certainly in the top few. A much thicker phone could easily have a better camera, but then it's a camera with a built-in phone, not the reverse. And no, "More pixels!!!" does not mean better—see spec-hound neckbeards above.4) Certainly5) You've got to be kidding with this!6) Big, big yes.
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