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Agreed. If they could ever replace DRAM with Static RAM, that would revolutionize the industry. Not just phones and tablets, but computers as well. I hope they're close.
I love all these "experts" who are unaware that RAM is the absolutely one and only thing that is always on, no matter what, being refreshed thousands of times a second. iPads have much larger batteries than iPhones—they'll get 2GB of RAM first: I gar-on-tee!
"Beige" is by definition not metallic. Metallic beige would be one of the many, many tones you can call "gold". On a car, it might be called "bronze". This also covers an enormous range—from the wimpy goldenrod of the car I'm looking at out the window right now, to extremely reddish copper-bronze. "Gold" and "bronze" are a very wide spectrum, not just the yellow-gold color you expect.
The first iMacs were tray-loaders. I had one. (Well, it's still around somewhere). They could read and burn CDs. A few could read and burn DVDs. Then two years later, the slot-loaders came out. I've had two of them. Both are stuck on Tiger, but still work fine as far as that goes. Both can read and burn CDs. Some (but neither one of mine) could at least read DVDs. So tray-loading vs. slot-loading has nothing to do with their disc-reading or -writing capabilities.
Just assume every spiel like that is cut-and-pasted from the Troll Handbook™. I just replace it with: "I've owned five of every Apple product since 1892, but seriously—when are they going to give us a two-button mouse, amirite?"
Oh, on the rare occasions I'm forced to use Windows, it's pretty exciting: "Will that vein in my forehead explode before I staple my eyes shut?"
So did Elon Musk get his money and get out? On the one hand, I would love to see PayPal die a painful death, on the other, I like what he's doing lately with Tesla and SpaceX. Well, except for the reinventing-the-wheel part with SpaceX, but at least they're doing something. I really don't want Jeff Bezos to take over that position, even if Blue Origin is based a mile down the road from me!
Oops! Typical American "assuming everybody with a German name is Jewish". Oh well!
And, I assume, Mark Wahlberg (The Artist Formerly Known as Marky Mark™)?
Where in the world have you found a Windows machine that boots in less than five minutes?
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