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Yeah, well the guy I met at the bus stop said the plastic strips were to allow NSA eavesdropping and to admit their signals to your phone so as to generate signals with it to control your brainwaves. And he was pretty high-up n the organization—they don't give that metal headgear to just anybody, you know!
OK, I called it here. It's obvious now that the small strips at the top and bottom are recessed, so that the protruding camera lens doesn't go above the level of the main part of the back. The plastic strips must go around the entire shoulder of that raised portion, so as to receive signals from all directions. This applies to both sizes. Edited for clarity.
The lens may protrude slightly from the surface it emerges from, but it's not obvious to me that that surface (the upper strip above the plastic radio-window band) isn't recessed by the same amount from the rest of the back. Would this allow signals through closer to straight in from the top? I don't know.
Apple pays 3 Gigabucks for the most successful headphone business in the world, and everybody bitches and moans about what a stupid idea it is. Ballmer pays 2 Gb for the losingest team in basketball...yawn!
Wrong tab—sorry!
I had an interesting thought the other day. Remember before the glass multi-touch trackpads came out on the Macs, the rumor was that these new trackpads would have displays behind them, mirroring the main screen? Didn't happen of course—they were just multi-touch screens without the display.What if now, with the rumored 12", fanless, clickless-trackpad MacBook (probably be too expensive for a MacBook Air), they're finally going to do it, and the 5.5" "display" is really a...
So anybody else have the attention span to remember, back in the rounded-plastic-back days of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, how everybody was all hot and bothered about the sintered alumina they were going to replace that with? Now it's crystalline alumina. I think alumina is the new unicorn fur.
Even after all these years, you still get these morons who compare the latest egregious ads from Samsung or whoever with the "I'm a Mac; I'm a PC" ads. Since I cannot understand how anyone's brain could be wired so differently from that of a normal human being that they see any similarity, I can only assume it's pure trollery. Honestly. the "I'm a Mac" ads were pointing out some of the annoyances that PC users had to put up with, and were perhaps not aware that they were...
And now that I wrote that, I'm not so sure. Introducing the "2015 model" when it's still 2014 just seems to clash with Apple's style. Well we'll soon know.
I endorse this, except like cars (which always used to have new restyled models debuting in September), the phone introduced on September 9th will be the "2015 iPhone". They're not going to have their phone called last year's phone for 3/4 of its current life.
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