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Thank you! As I've repeated ad nauseam, sharp jagged grit can scratch polished, flat surfaces which they are technically softer than. Now corundum ("sapphire") is 9 on the Mohs scale, so the quartz in the sand in your pocket at 7, probably won't scratch it, but there could be some garnet in that sand, which at 8, might. Even if corundum is slightly less scratchable, its brittleness and cost make the whole idea ridiculous.
I noticed even before the iPhone era—certainly before they started carrying the iPhone—that T-Mobile has a lot of customer loyalty. In my observation, they're the only cell carrier with any customer loyalty.
I probably sound like a broken record, but every time this "sapphire" business comes up, I'm forced to point out that sharp, jagged pieces of one material will handily scratch smooth, flat surfaces of the same material, or even one somewhat harder.
"Hardening" is the wrong word for that—what you want is "toughening": "Making less brittle". That could very well be at the expense of hardness.
But if you can afford to lose it, take a chance. I have a friend who hemmed and hawed for days and finally decided not to buy Braniff at 1/8. It finally went back up to about 6 1/2 before tanking altogether. I've had to listen to him bitching about that for 30 years now....
Well, since the last pathetic flickering out of the pyramid age was as far in the past for Cleopatra (VII, I assume) as the deposition of the last Roman Emperor in the West is for us, she would undoubtedly have given him a funny look, all right.
Yeah, when the A9 comes out and it's still 20nm, while everybody else is on 28, Apple will be ahead of them, but somehow still behind."Epic Fail! LOL!! 2014 technology!" /Fandroids
Agreed. If they could ever replace DRAM with Static RAM, that would revolutionize the industry. Not just phones and tablets, but computers as well. I hope they're close.
I love all these "experts" who are unaware that RAM is the absolutely one and only thing that is always on, no matter what, being refreshed thousands of times a second. iPads have much larger batteries than iPhones—they'll get 2GB of RAM first: I gar-on-tee!
"Beige" is by definition not metallic. Metallic beige would be one of the many, many tones you can call "gold". On a car, it might be called "bronze". This also covers an enormous range—from the wimpy goldenrod of the car I'm looking at out the window right now, to extremely reddish copper-bronze. "Gold" and "bronze" are a very wide spectrum, not just the yellow-gold color you expect.
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