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The whole "space is dark" thing is called "Olbers' Paradox", although Heinrich Olbers was not the first to discuss it. In an infinite, eternal universe it's unavoidable. The "dust absorbs distant sources" theory doesn't hold water—the dust would warm up to an equilibrium temperature and reradiate the energy. People struggled with this for two centuries before it was resolved—by the discovery that the universe wasn't eternal. It had a beginning (~13.8 billion years ago)....
I guess they can register your heartbeat (kind of like feeling your pulse) without rising to the level of a "medical device". Anything much more diagnostic than that, though, the FDA keeps on a pretty short leash. To get approval for anything like a real EKG or blood pressure or glucose, to name a few, they have a lot of hurdles to jump with the Feds.I think it would be smarter (and maybe necessary) to leave this kind of thing to third parties who already have a presence...
And you find this..."Offensive"?(Dating myself, I suppose....)
You Fandroids and your "widgets". Since you've probably never used an Apple device, I'll tell you that Tiger (OS X 10.4) came out with Dashboard 9 1/2 years ago. I've had it disabled since a week later. This is the most worthless idea ever conceived—I can't believe it's still hanging on in Mavericks! (Plese tell me it's gone in Yosemite?)
That's what Product RED is.
We had a Seinfeld quote earlier, which makes me think of "Morning Mist™".ETA: I would Love a Product RED one, though. I'm a sucker for red metallic—you should see my kitchen.
Completely off-topic, but: Does anybody make driver's watches any more? You know, with the much more concave back that fit on the side of your wrist so you don't have to twist your arm off the steering wheel to glance down and see the time?
Here's my prediction: When the second generation comes out, and it's thinner, with the same battery life, the same people who are saying this now will be screaming: "Form over function!", and "Apple needs to give up its obsession with thinness!"It's 11mm thick—right in the range of all its competition. Super-thin watches are a niche market of a niche market.
Somebody always comes up with this comparison between these insulting Samsung ads and the "I'm a Mac" ads. If you think you're a wit, you're half right.There is no resemblance whatsoever between the two. The "I'm a Mac" ads humorously pointed out some shortcomings in Windows, all of which were completely true. They never even mentioned Microsoft by name (Hell, they never mentioned Windows by name), much less imply that PC users were idiots or "sheep" for buying PCs. This...
Did anybody among all the people in this giant purpose-built hands-on area think of laying the phone on its back and trying to rock it? I ask because of the hyperventilating about the "protruding" camera lens ring. Of course it turned out to be much smaller than those Russian and Chinese crude mockups of the case, fabricated from blurry pictures, with 5s internals jammed into them indicated! I ask because in that last photo in the original post here, there look like...
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