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Where the bejeezus **** are you getting that? It's the measurement of the height of the lens above the surface it emerges from—i.e., the narrow recessed part at the top.
He doesn't know that the RAM on the 27" iMac is accessible. He's never used, or maybe even seen, an iMac in his life. It's just one of the scripted criticisms in his troll manual. "When is Apple going to give us a two-button mouse, anyway!"
Jeeminy Priest, are you guys still on this?!! Are you not looking at the picture? Can't you see the narrow strips at the top and the bottom that are recessed below the main body of the back? Probably by the same .77mm? It's not going to rock! Settle down! I don't know whether the lens protrudes from that strip because they couldn't reduce the thickness of the camera without sacrificing optical performance, or because the main part of the back would hulk into its field of...
Yeah, well, every day somebody on the bus pulls out one of these tombstones and holds it up to their head, and everybody else rolls their eyes and smirks at them behind their backs. We're doing it because they look like total retards. Make no mistake, we're laughing at them because they're idiots and they look like idiots and they apparently want to look like idiots.
Why can't it do all that in a usable size? And a usable aspect ratio like 4:3, while we're at it?
Yeah, well the guy I met at the bus stop said the plastic strips were to allow NSA eavesdropping and to admit their signals to your phone so as to generate signals with it to control your brainwaves. And he was pretty high-up n the organization—they don't give that metal headgear to just anybody, you know!
OK, I called it here. It's obvious now that the small strips at the top and bottom are recessed, so that the protruding camera lens doesn't go above the level of the main part of the back. The plastic strips must go around the entire shoulder of that raised portion, so as to receive signals from all directions. This applies to both sizes. Edited for clarity.
The lens may protrude slightly from the surface it emerges from, but it's not obvious to me that that surface (the upper strip above the plastic radio-window band) isn't recessed by the same amount from the rest of the back. Would this allow signals through closer to straight in from the top? I don't know.
Apple pays 3 Gigabucks for the most successful headphone business in the world, and everybody bitches and moans about what a stupid idea it is. Ballmer pays 2 Gb for the losingest team in basketball...yawn!
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