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"Amorphous SiC"Silicon Carbide is not a metal, it's a ceramic. An amorphous ceramic, an insulator, would be transparent to RF. A metal, with free electrons moving through its bulk, cannot be.
He talks about using the case as an antenna, which means it's a conductor. Which means it's not RF-transparent. Again—by definition.Modern antenna design is a very sophisticated science. I doubt if any random slab of metal is going to be ideal. That means the case would have to be divided up into the antenna part and its surroundings by non-conductive strips, like a printed circuit board. I see no sign of that here.
Where does everybody get this idea of unicorn hide liquid metal being transparent to radio waves? If it's metal, it's not. By definition. Being amorphous instead of polycrystalline wouldn't change that; it would probably make it an even better RF shield because the free electrons could wander through the entire piece instead of just one tiny crystal domain.
Hey, if you can tolerate Android, more power to you. I can't be arsed looking up shıt for you. Believe me, it's been done to death on this forum.
My point of view is the same as the hundreds of millions of people who buy iPhones and the hundreds of millions of people who buy normal-sized Android phones. The tens of millions of people who buy these ridiculous tombstone phones are a sliver of the market who are not worth pursuing because most of them are Apple-haters anyway.Most Android users bought their phones to save money. The tiny minority who buy these premium-priced phablet phones have to be ideologically...
The reason is the need for humungous batteries. These Android "flagships" are a very small portion of the market, a segment heavily populated by people who would never buy an Apple product in a million years. Apple would be stupid to pursue a vanishingly small sliver of a minority at the expense of making their own phone into a too-small tablet. The iPad mini is their answer to that use case, and it seems to be doing quite well.
This is pure, 100%, no-money-back, spun-glass Bullshıt. A very small minority of Android phones are in these ridiculous large sizes, and a majority of them are sold in South Korea. The only people who are bellyaching about the size of the iPhone are the usual Fandroid trolls who seem to be unaware that the only reason such huge screens are on offer is to hide the enormously larger batteries needed by their inefficient, power-sucking OS.
So they just give you bafflegab about "warmer" and "cooler" (used backwards, to add insult to injury) and meaningless terms about "moods"? Why can't any of these people (or TV and computer manufacturers) let you set the color temperature directly? Say 3300 ˚K if you want incandescent-like lighting, or 6500 ˚K for sunlight-like, or if you want to pretend you live on Rigel XII, like Apple seems to, set it at 12000 ˚K. IMO what needs to be prevented, at all costs, is...
Well, this is a stupid idea, that's a given. But also...I guess sealed between two thick sheets of glass they've gotten OLED's water-absorption problem reduced to the point where it's acceptable in a phone, which is only supposed to last a couple of years, instead of the >10 years people expect from a TV. Can the thin plastic they use in this be as impervious to water as glass? What about the edge where it's bent over after being formed? I would worry about the longevity...
These paid shills are really stupid, as well. How many times does it have to be pointed out that the expense has already been incorporated in the pie chart? So this "hasn't yet pressed 'enter'" excuse won't wash.No, nobody thinks Excel can't add seven numbers*—that's not the point. It's the incompetence and tone-deafness of Microsoft, which paying you one-post wonders to bitch about this post shows up to perfection.*Although, Intel did etch a math error into silicon once,...
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