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Again, what part of "Maybe the gossip is true, I don't care." is escaping you? What in the Hell am I "wrong"about, you obtuse, stupid little troll? Is Lisa not his daughter? Was the Apple Lisa not named after her? That's all I've said. I also said "Steve Jobs may well be an asshole on a personal level." I don't give two hoots in Hell whether he is or not. You can keep linking to all the tabloid gossip you want, trying to make me care—BUT I DON'T!
I don't "Love" any company. This is the puzzled reaction of someone who just doesn't get it. If you haven't noticed, Apple has been on a roll the last 12 years or so. They have people—people with decision-making power–who have a vision, and are dragging the rest of the tech world by the scruff of the neck into a better future. Every once in a geological age this will happen—an automaker will accidentally make a "car guy" CEO, for example. Then hang onto your hat—for a...
Unlike you, I can distinguish between facts and tabloid gossip. Maybe the gossip is true, I don't care. Your position apparently is, because Steve Jobs is an asshole—which he may well be on a personal level—no one should buy Apple products, and this somehow makes them aesthetically and functionally undesirable. That's a bizarre attitude. I've bought Hewlett-Packard products (in the past, before their quality went in the crapper) and David Packard was a founding member of...
So much disinformation, so little time...nah, not worth the waste of electrons. You've posted 2145 posts on an Apple-oriented website to say how much you hate Apple. There's no breaking through that wall of pathology. Enjoy whatever they're paying you—or if they're not paying you, consider therapy. (That goes for AndroidDomination, MacRules, Menno, sprocketts, etc., etc., et endless cetera.)
The tabloid gossip you linked to. And what are you denying? That "Lisa" is Steve Jobs' daughter? That he named a $10,000 computer after her? That her birthdate is the origin of the Mac's timekeeping system? All these are physical facts, not innuendo. So, yes—I am uninterested in gossip.
I still don't get this whole concept. If your wrist is too weak to run a nearly weightless card through a slot, how is it not too weak to wave a several-ounce phone around?
The only abuse I'm aware of on this forum is coming from AndroidDomination, MacRulez, and their ilk. And gossip doesn't interest me.
They didn't release a damn thing—if Apple hadn't bought their technology (and enormously improved it), it would be sitting around in some dusty storage room somewhere. At best—actually it would probably be the same place as the blueprints of the Saturn V—nowhere.And soon after, would connect with 100% Your point? Would you realistically expect a Windows version of iTunes to come out before one that worked on Apple's own computers?You know damn well what he meant. DRM-free...
This is a pretty damning collection. In particular, I never saw this one before. So is the stainless steel strip purely decorative? Or is it an external antenna? Of course, it wouldn't lose any signal if you stuffed it into your Thanksgiving turkey, right? I actually don't know which answer would make Samsung look worse....
Surely you don't think Samsung could have mocked up an empty plastic box with numbers painted on the front in only a month? LOL!
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