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And if Apple comes out with solid gold watches, they'll never hear the end of it from the "Apple is overpriced crap" crowd and the cheap-ass Fandroid trolls—so...might as well go for broke if you can't win either way!
As appreciative as I am of your condescension, you haven't the remotest idea of what you're talking about.Admittedly, "half-life" was my own metaphor, but LED lights are rated by the time before the phosphor tires to half the original brightness. The phosphor is pumped by a blue LED, which will probably never "fail", so MTBF, such as you would use for a mechanical part, isn't worth trying to measure.Common ratings for "LED" light bulbs is 20,000 hours—again, before...
Plus, they could probably make a 64-core processor for what Intel charges for one of their dual-core ones.
Could be. You'll have to take it up with the guy I got it from: Roger Penrose.If you've read The Emperor's New Mind, it's clear that he's a nut in some areas, but as a General Relativist, I think he's considered pretty reliable.
That's not even the weirdest thing. The only three characteristics a black hole can have are mass, angular momentum, and electric charge. Now real black holes are undoubtedly electrically neutral, more or less, but if you had a large charge imbalance, since like charges repel, the collapsing matter could bounce back outside the event horizon at least once. Since it took just exactly forever to reach the event horizon from the point of view of a distant observer, when is it...
I can't believe the people who want to go back to the pocket watch...only this time without a fob, so you have to fish around in your pocket for it, pull it out, and turn it on to see what time it is.
The LCD itself will last essentially forever. Back in the early digital watch days they had a problem with water in the air like AMOLED, but by the early 80s that was handled.The lifetime involved is the backlight. In order to get even illumination, it's always bonded to the LCD any more. The diffuser is lit up by an "LED" light. I put that in quotes because it's really a blue LED imbedded in a blob of phosphor, so it's actually a fluorescent light. And phosphors wear out....
From Apple's website:(Emphasis mine) This is noncommittal, but it seems to imply it's more energy-efficient than a regular Apple LCD display. I hope to hell it's not AMOLED, but these mostly-black display pictures sure make it look that way.One thing—it is laminated to the crystal, so if it is LCD, when the backlight wears out, the whole thing needs to be replaced. What's the half-life on these things, 20,000 hours?
So we know the battery will only last a few years. That means it's replaceable—not at home of course, but at the Apple Store. (Or at any number of authorized jewelers for several times the price.) Knowing that, why do we think the guts of the watch couldn't be replaced just as easily? Sounds like it's a single module that would take the same two seconds to replace, once you've got it open, as the battery does. Bam! New Watch! IOW: Chill out! The case will be...
Yeah, at first glance it sounds like Lenin's Tomb. But unless he's embalmed in a glass coffin in there, I guess it is just a heartwarming tribute.
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