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Google has taken over from Microsoft as the world's premier purveyor of vaporware. Hopefully people's patience will run out quicker waiting for Google's DoucheGoggles or Self-Driving Cars than it did waiting for Longhorn!
IBM is in the top 10? Of valuable brands? (Or are BrandZ something different?) The value of a brand has to do with public perception. I would love to know what percentage of the general public even knows that IBM is still in business! To me they're a completely behind-the-scenes operation nowadays. They make a lot of money, I'm sure, but their impact on the public mind is absolutely zero.
They've been sued for stupider things that that, so I say have at it! If that doesn't work, you can sue Microsoft for inspiring the expectation in you.ETA: Be sure and save a screencap of that ad—things like that have a way of disappearing down the memory hole.
Holy Crap! So the detachable keyboard is an advantage for the Surface—no mention of the fact you have to pay extra for it—but on the MacBook Pro it's "Non-detachable keyboard available", making it sound like it's an extra-cost option! I knew Micro$haft were lying sons-of-bitches, but seriously?
Ha, Ha! Touché. But for racing all bets are off. They've tried six wheels too, remember.
There used to be a large market for three-wheeled vehicles. It was a whole category, called "cyclecars". Morgan was just one of the last to enter the market and the only one still around. They eventually went with four wheels, but the three-wheelers were very successful in their day.There have been various attempts to revive three-wheel cars, but they all have one thing in common: they put the single wheel on the wrong end! This eliminates the ability to have a real...
Japanese has a single-tongue-tap "r" that sounds to an English-speaker's ear like a "d". They don't have the English growled "r" (hardly anybody does). Japanese doesn't have an "l" sound, but hear an English "l" as being an allophone of their phoneme "r".Chinese is the complete opposite. They have an "l" sound, but "r" only occurs in that "erh" ending that's so overused in the Peking dialect (Kind of their version of Cockney.) It's really an r-colored "zh", like the Polish...
I can't really conceive of anything that would interest me less. What's next—Apple-brand catheters? Adult diapers? I think this would absolutely destroy Apple's brand appeal—and I speak as an old man who's not in great shape myself.
Yeah, I know you've got a bug up your butt about this 24-bit audio that was suggested 10 or 15 years ago, to general apathy...as far as I know it doesn't exist, and wouldn't be usable except in an anechoic chamber—the bottom 8 or 10 bits are going to buried in ambient noise in the real world. There's certainly no reason for a higher sampling rate; anybody who thinks there is don't understand Shannon sampling theory.In any case, Apple is the last company that would market...
With everybody yelling doom and gloom because the iPod market is "dying", i.e.: leveling off as one of the few biggest businesses in the world (but never mind that, "growth" is all that matters!), why couldn't they start selling a line of "Beats iPods by Dr. Dre"? In fact, how do we know that these huge, too-thin "iPhone" prototypes aren't of a new "iPod Touch by Dr. Dre"?
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