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Maybe they could have something like the sensors that Samsung uses for their "gesture control". They wouldn't have to be nearly as elaborate, just see which side or corner your thumb is approaching, and scrunch the display to that area—kind of like the "magnification" of the dock on a Mac. Personally, I always have that disabled, because it's supremely annoying, but maybe that's just me.
"Color temperature" is a meaningless term for any light source that can't be fitted to a blackbody curve, like a lot of fluorescent lights, including these bogus "LED"s. All a light has to be to be full-spectrum is provide three points (red, green, and blue) that define a blackbody curve. Remember blackbody curves are like circles—they're all the same shape, they differ only in size. So three points can define one, just like a circle, and the wavelength of its peak...
They could fill the hollow of the logo with that really lingery phosphor they used to use on clock hands so they'd glow in the dark (for a while). Hopefully they could find some formulation that gave a different color than that pastel green....EDIT: But they won't, because those phosphors are seriously poisonous—and they were worried about the little tiny bit of arsenic in glass.
I keep seeing people say this, but it makes no sense. Obviously the two-"LED" flash was an interim solution based on off-the shelf parts. Remember that these "LED"s aren't really LEDs—they're fluorescent lights that just happen to be pumped by a blue LED instead of a mercury-vapor tube. You can get any spectrum you want by using different mixtures of phosphors. A standard "LED" light like my little reading light in the bedroom has that big spike in the blue from the LED,...
Interesting how the "shill articles" quote reams of facts, figures, and statistics, while the "anti-shill" posts consist exclusively of "Nuh-uh!", isn't it?
So linuxfanatic was a Stallman-sucking sockpuppet? My surprise—let me show you it!
You missed that Apple is on record stating that the 5c considerably outsold its middle-tier predecessor from the year before, the 4s. I guarantee that was more than 100 units.
They're reinventing the wheel because they're just imitating the boosters of 50 years ago. They've essentially reproduced the Saturn I, only with one more engine, and much less payload because the upper stage burns freakin' kerosene! Launch costs are still stuck in the tens-to-hundreds of million dollar range.I'd love to see their reuseability plan succeed, but I'm afraid that went out the window when they chose to make the vehicle so long and skinny. Seriously, look at...
It's sad that as time goes by, fewer and fewer people remember the old Saturday Night Live commercials, and businesses are able to sneak stuff in that would have gotten a belly-laugh ten years before. Remember the three-blade razor, with the elaborate explanation of how it worked? "Because: You'll believe anything!" These people clamoring for two-handed phones just remind me of the SNL commercial for the LED watch—that took both hands (and another hand or two coming from...
A: The government never built any of those rockets—contractors did.2: SpaceX ix able to build them cheaper because they're doing nothing but reinvent the wheel. They're duplicating work that was done 50-55 years ago.I wish to hell SpaceX (or someone) would try to do something that would actually bring down launch costs—like Chrysler's SERV from 45 years ago.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SERV(Sorry for the bare link, but I refuse to enable Javascript just to hide it.)
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