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The iPhone has never been 4:3. Originally it was 3:2; it went to 16:9 with the iPhone 5. This is a horrendous aspect ratio for anything but a TV—it's much too narrow in portrait.
I see gomers with these huge slabs held up against the side of their heads and think the phone should have come with that helmet they shouldn't be allowed out of the house without. Does Apple want all of their customers to look like fucking spazzes? Maybe, but I'm not convinced.
No, no! In punditopia, they need to do both. In order to succeed and expunge their current miserable record of failure, Apple needs to:A) Emulate the huge screen remedial phones that have seized ~20% of the market (If shipments were sales and beggars would ride...or something), and:2) Bring out a cheap phone that will make them absolutely no money.This is the only road to success of the kind that giants like Samsung are enjoying.
I think it would be hilarious if all the rumors of a 5.5 inch iDevice, in the spirit of the Mars Climate Orbiter English/Metric snafu, were fueled by a 5.5 centimeter iWatch. (If it's square, that's 1.53" on a side.)
Widgets? Seriously? I played with Dashboard for a couple of weeks when I first got Tiger—had it disabled ever since. Widgets are the most worthless idea anybody's ever come up with.
I hope Apple isn't painting themselves into a corner with this move—especially if they really are going to have the 4.7" as the smallest premium phone. In my opinion, the actual real or potential iPhone customers (i.e., neither Fandroid trolls nor paid shills) who are so hot for larger screens that they would even consider switching to Android over it are a vanishingly small percentage—a..."rounding error", if you will. They are extremely loud and extremely annoying on...
What amuses me about this attitude on the part of Windoze fans (what an inconceivable concept!) is Darwin actually is open-source. You can download the kernel and build your own OS on top of it. (Of course, that might be too much like work, and if the "look and feel" was too much like OS X you might get a letter from somebody).Try to do that with the Windows NT kernel and see what happens! But Apple is a "Walled Garden".Hell, I think they should use that as a trademark:...
Can't be. That name is earmarked for the feature on the iWatch that monitors your bowel movements. (I'm anticipating the commercial for that with bated breath.)
Besides, Southwest Airlines bought Surfaces instead of iPads, so Apple is doooooomed! "IBM? Pfffhhtttt!"
I'm afraid the general public's reaction to this news (if they ever hear it) will be: "IBM is still in business? Surely not!" This will allow the tech media and the usual pundits to portray this as the innovation-challenged Apple tying itself to another dinosaur from the primeval swamp and going under together. This is probably the biggest news on the Apple front since Steve Jobs' return, but good luck selling that reality to the general-interest press.
New Posts  All Forums: