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Are there still idiots who are on this? Cripes! They don't remember OS X 10.4.11? The fact that you can have two periods in a row is all the proof you need that they're not decimal points!
How many years did it take to get Mac users to stop saying "Oh-Ess-Eks"? Windows users would never figure it out.
What the hell is a "Start Menu" anyway? After this many tries, shouldn't Windows be smart enough to start by itself?
This year's WWDC keynote seemed like a "Back to the Mac" event. No new hardware of course, since it was a developer's conference, but it sure gave the impression they haven't forgotten about the Mac, despite all the hand-wringing after every iPhone introduction that "Apple has forgotten where they came from!"With all that enthusiasm, I can't help feeling there's some tasty new hardware in the works.
Waiting for the first idiot that shorts his watchband battery just to see what happens, and it burns his hand off. Hoop-of-flame-gate!
Just to underscore your point.... Battery tech has been stalled for a long time. It may see a sudden revolution, but I don't think future plans can be made on that expectation. They could very possibly improve the efficiency of their SoC 100% by going to a smaller process in a year or two or three, but they would use that to add more capability, I think. And they've already gone to a more efficient screen by switching to AMOLED. (That was possible on the watch because...
I agree. I can't imagine that these new Retina iMacs won't be more expensive than the standard ones are now. This is a two-stage process like the rMBPs. First they bring out the Retina models at a premium price, and then as the cost of the display goes down a little bit, reduce the price to just $100 more than the old set-point. In the laptop arena they had the MBA to slot in below that.In the case of the iMacs, it's an even more tortuous process, because (I'm guessing)...
Thanks for the input. I've tried Calibre for some of the easiest conversions (ePub to Kindle format for example). Unfortunately, a lot of the PDFs and all of the DjVus are scanned, not transcribed, so conversion isn't even an option.
OK, I'm sorry I brought up the whole reader thing as an aside. The point I meant to make was that the iP6+ is not an iPad Nano, as some people perceive it, but appears to be specialized as a very high-quality video appliance, and as jason98 pointed out, a quantum jump in handheld gaming. This is really something subtly different from what's come before, and use cases may settle out into unfamiliar patterns as people get used to it.
You should really try to learn what some of these terms mean before you publicly display your ignorance by trying to sound knowledgeable.Metal fatigue has nothing to do with ease of bending. Metal fatigue occurs when an item is flexed many, many times without plastic deformation, i.e. bending. The boundaries between crystal domains migrate so as to line up with the lines of maximum stress. Eventually there will be a line all or most of the way across the part that is all...
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