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We get it! You're a bigoted, troglodytic Neanderthal. Fortunately you and the blinkered old fools just like you will die soon, and society will advance a little more. I just can't understand why all these people are wasting all this time arguing with you. The things you say reveal you to be either abysmally ignorant, crazy, or both. Your statement that President-Elect Obama (God, that feels good to write!) is a "Marxist" show the intellectual level you're working...
Jesus! I spend one day in suspense and then two days shivering with relief, and I come back and you're still arguing with this cretinous, bitter old fart zinfella? Quit feeding the troll, people! Yes it sucks that Prop Hate will (probably) pass, although there are still a lot of votes to be counted, but think about it! We avoided 4 years of rule by a demented fascist who was slavering to continue the same death spiral of insanity that that mindless moron Bush and his evil...
As irrelevant as Marxism is to the current discussion (unless you're a nutjob), since it was brought up.... Does anybody but me see an analogy between the tactics of the wingnut "base" of the Republican party and Lenin's lunatic fringe splinter faction of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party winning one minor vote at a poorly attended Party Congress and then forever after calling themselves Bolsheviki: "Men of the Majority?"
You sir, are beyond any manner of doubt the most complete fucking imbecile I've ever seen or heard of. Since you obviously know less than nothing about Marxism or its history, I would suggest you read a goddamn book just once in your life, but I know you're incapable of it. Apparently all you can read are bullet points on a Fox News screen. Just in case you're capable of deciphering what I'm writing, even if it's not accompanied by drool, Senator Obama is the last thing...
It's amazing how these idiots can be brainwashed into using these Fox News buzzwords like "Marxism" in a public forum while simultaneously revealing that they don't have a single idea in Hell what it means! If by that they mean someone is not a doctrinaire Smithist, and doesn't advocate the blind following of laissez-faire, dog-eat-dog, let-them-eat-cake, Robber-Baron-capitalist dogma right off a cliff (as the Rethuglicans have had us doing since that venomous pustule...
Oh, you blasphemous heathens! How dare you fail to bow down in acquiescence to Fox News' diktat! Don't you know that Bill O'Reilly is proof that there's a God? You will all fry in Hell!
Twelve titles from Project Gutenberg? I have about 3800 titles from PG, manybooks.net, Baen Free Library, Blackmask, PSUECS, Internet Archive, etc., etc. on my computer. They're in HTML, PDF, and DjVu formats. This is why the Kindle, or any proprietary e-book reader is a non-starter for me: I can't transfer these books to them, and couldn't read them if I did. The iPhone or something like it could someday deliver this kind of functionality, proprietary platforms: never.
Buck up, everybody! The same experts on Biblical theology who are saving us from aberrant sexual practices in California are now taking on the economic crisis in our behalf.
This lie has been dealt with ad infinitum here. Let's not start that up again.By "stable" I assume you mean you have to hit ctl-alt-del every 10 minutes instead of every five? And by "secure" I assume you mean half-a-million Windows viruses vs. exactly zero OS X viruses? That makes one of you. P. S.: Using the word "fanboy" just makes you look like an idiot.
Even IF it was as good-looking as OS X, as functional as OS X, as easy to use as OS X, none of which seem likely.... Is it going to be as stable and secure as OS X? Yeah, I didn't think so!
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