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Was it Max on Two Broke Girls who said Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read? And my Instamatic from 50 years ago took square pictures.
A couple of years ago, I remember Apple made such a huge buy of flash memory that it constrained the supply for everybody else. I'm sure capacity has increased, but—if Apple doubled their storage capacity on the iPhone, is there enough flash memory in the world to cover that?
ARM chips like the A7 (now that it's 64-bit) might be interesting if anybody decides to try massive parellelism like on the Connection Machine again—what with their low-power design and the 1 or 2 GB of RAM on (well, on a different layer of) the same chip.
The Apple-bashers' double standards are really amusing (for certain values of "amusing"). If Samsung brought out a plastic phone with metal reinforcement molded in that also served as the antenna, they'd never stop bragging about it. Of course Samsung would never do that (He says as he replaces the battery door that fell off his Samsung TV remote for the 10th time today). Edit: Instead of designing the door so it would stay on, they added a plastic strap to keep it from...
It seems to me things really are different this time. For every other major announcement from Apple, the Fandroids and Samsung shills have their talking points ready made and just trot them out. There's so much floundering and desperate spluttering this time around that I have to believe they actually were caught with their pants down for real. Samsung's "Us too, us too!" announcement was just the icing on the cake.
When I first heard "Gold", I thought it would look like something Quark would carry on Deep Space Nine, but it's much more subdued, like all the Fords in their ads for a few years there. It was a little wimpy for a car, actually, but looks pretty good on the iPhone. I really preferred the much redder, coppery bronze metallic in all the Nissan ads—if Apple comes out with that color, I'd be all over that! Back in the real world, I guess it's "Space Gray" for me....
  All this may be true, but what are the odds of some nefarious person:        A) Having access to your phone, and:        2) Having fingerprints similar enough to yours to be mistaken for them?   If that probability is less than somebody:        1) Having your Debit/Credit card, and:        II) Guessing your PIN number,   then it's an improvement, because we all live with that every day. I say the first probability is lower, but I'm open to figures if you've got them.
    Or like when Eddie Stark in 'Til Death went to the sleep clinic:   Eddie: "This isn't the place where they cut you up and harvest your organs, is it?"   Nurse: (Giggling) "Oh, no! That guy got fired."
    Oh, I'm well aware of Roughly Drafted. I basically slept through the 90s, tech-wise, so his encyclopedic articles on the history of Mac vs. Windows have been very helpful to me. Hopefully after the demise of Android he can write a similar definitive history. I only wish he would collect all the history in one spot....
I have always just taken it as a given that this entire site was a one-man operation by DED. All the articles are bylined by obviously made-up names...It never occurred to me to think that they weren't all written by DED himself. I don't intend this as any kind of criticism—I admire his energy and dedication.   As for his "bias": unfortunately, reality has an anti-Android bias. Maybe the fandroids should (here's a thought) hang out at an Android-oriented site...
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