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On the subject of framerates: I remember reading an article—sorry I can't link to it, but this was in the Dead Tree Era™—about an experiment Stephen Spielberg conducted. Of course everybody knows 24 fps is inadequate for rapid movement, so he wanted to see what was really the optimum framerate for action movies. He filmed a bunch of supposedly exciting footage—battle scenes, flying, roller-coaster rides, etc.—at a variety of framerates. Then he showed them to a number...
I find all these conspiracy theories amusing—well...annoying. That's the same thing, right? What you have to ask these people is: "What could Apple have done to satisfy you?" They allowed online orders, which probably reduced the supply available to brick-and-mortar stores, thus ensuring sellouts. Conspiracy! They could have not allowed online orders, which would make more people go to a store to pick one up. Obviously a ploy on Apple's part to increase lines as a...
It seems like the only things I take apart any more are remote controls—when the buttons quit working you can clean the contact pads with rubbing alcohol and they're as good as new. Maybe if they were glued together a heat gun would work, but nowadays they're snapped—and I have no idea where the snaps are. I always wind up breaking a couple, so I have to tape the thing back together. Bring back screws—please!
The new battery holds 25 W-h—90,000 Joules—of energy. That's more than the old one (by a tiny bit). Who cares about amp-hours? The device will draw as much current as it needs. Drives me crazy on car batteries—so many "Amp-hours"—why are you telling me this? How much energy does it hold?
Man, I used to take everything I could apart when I was a kid. It just wouldn't be as much fun nowadays. Aside from so many things being glued together instead of screwed (although snapped is just as bad if you don't know where the snaps are), there's just nothing inside stuff any more!
Really hit a nerve there, didn't I? Your contempt really bolsters my self-esteem. Thanks! You paid FUDsters are so funny!
Of course in the Mac world you have the advantage that it's legal to sell a used Mac with the OS still on it. Microsoft would have you believe that you're legally required to wipe the hard drive and sell the new user a new copy of Windows. I know most people don't adhere to this, but shops who refurbish and upgrade computers have to. We could keep a lot of e-waste out of the landfill if it wasn't for that. People are always on here complaining about Apple's EULA, which...
You're right of course—I was just being a smartass. The optical path could obviously be folded. In the iPhone I can't imagine there being enough real estate (horizontally) to do that, but in the iPad, who knows? I doubt if there are any off-the-shelf camera modules that would be suitable, but maybe that's what Apple's new partnership with Canon is all about?
See, nobody here believes you've owned an iOS device, because of the Spinning Beachball of Death™ comment. You're just reading that off of some cheat-sheet of Apple-bashing boilerplate your employers gave you. Kind of like if I wanted to insult Microsoft by saying: "Yeah, that XBox is a piece of junk! I get the Blue Screen of Death™ all the time! LOL!!"
Well of course I know the reason they didn't put a higher-quality camera in it is because it's too thin—focal length is the limiting factor. That being said, could it be they wanted to minimize the number of people holding one of these up and trying to use it like a point-and-shoot? Can you imagine how idiotic that would look? People would say: "Boy, these iPad users are some stupid-ass gomers! No way I'm buying one!"
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