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  They should cure their economic problems the way James I did—make up some new title (in his case, baronet) and sell a bunch of them.
    Yeah, I'm mad at them about that...now that they've appointed Jonathan Sumption to the Supreme Court, he'll never finish his series on the Hundred Years War!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Sumption
  Boy, nothing like a high-powered intellectual discussion with a well-edumacated feller such as yourself....   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulliver%27s_travels#Cultural_influences
  You're talking to this troll as if it were an honest post.  He and all the other Fandroids have a set agenda and there's no deflecting them from it. If Apple brings out a new version of some product and it doesn't have a replicator and antigravity, it's: "Same old, same old! Apple should be ashamed bringing out a new product without 'features' A, B, C,...etc., which Android has had since 37 B.C."   If Apple brings out a product that's noticeably improved, it's: "The...
  Really? I guess you never saw a TV ad during the years they were working their way up to actually having 1080 x 1920 physical pixels on the screen. (I was a late adopter, because that was a prerequisite for me.)   The FTC wouldn't allow the manufacturers to call any TV with less than 720 lines vertical resolution "High" Definition, so they invented the term "Enhanced" Definition. The FTC would let them use that for any TV with more than 307,200 pixels—including "Fox...
  I bolded the part I want to discuss. After my last post you may think I'm a total stick-in-the-mud, but I absolutely agree with this part. The unibody construction was to eliminate all the broken connections due to case flex in laptops. Connections are the root of all evil. Soldered connections are bad enough, but the kind that dirt and corrosion can get into, like replaceable memory, need to be eliminated tout suite. Battery doors and swappable batteries—just another...
I'm not crazy about the idea of removing the Superdrive from the iMac. In laptops it made a lot of sense—and really, how often do you actually need to burn discs when you're out and about? And if you do, is a tiny external drive like Apple's (or some of the cheaper ones) that much of a burden to take along? You're presumably taking a stack of discs....   In a desktop I don't see the necessity to leave it out, but on the other hand, it's probably the most unreliable...
  "Cheap fabric and dim lighting—that's how you move merchandise."                                                                     —Morty Seinfeld
  I never understood when Almost Live was lobbying to make Louie, Louie the Washington state song, they didn't pick Rhythm of the Rain instead. Or maybe Goodtime Charlie's Got the Blues—much more locally appropriate, if you ask me.
  "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain   Telling me just what a fool I've been...."   God, I'm old!
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