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I believe you—there's going to be a lot of variation with any hardware. Somebody somewhere else might have the opposite experience, who knows? I think our new Indian outsourced astroturfer was referring to the iPhone 4 "Antennagate" non-troversy, that's why I said what I did.
Why do the professional Apple-bashers continue to put words in our mouths, claiming we think "Apple invented ___."? It doesn't matter if Apple invented ___ or not; if there were no shipping products using ___, or no products people wanted to buy in any numbers using ___, and Apple comes along and "invents" a product that sells in the millions using ___, then Apple should get some credit for bringing ___ to the marketplace. That's all anybody has ever said. There are a lot...
"Antenna problems" that everybody else has too, but nobody else gets razzed about? Yes, if you stuff an iPhone 4 three feet up your colon, you'll lose some signal, but that's true of every cell phone. I invite you to try it. I notice you still haven't copped to putting my name on a quote that wasn't mine....
Since the first quote you put my name on isn't even from me, I don't have to accept anything.
And where are the two-year-old "Android" phones that are "selling" at all, even for free?
They're using dozens of partially or completely incompatible OSs with enough of a family resemblance that people like to lump them together with a one-word descriptor—but thinking "Android" is a single, monolithic OS is just delusional. Suppose the 90% of the market that Windows PCs represent had dozens or hundreds of somewhat incompatible versions so that you couldn't be sure that any given software would run on your machine? (Kind of like the early DOS days, which I'm...
You just can't seem to absorb the fact that there is no such thing as "Android"! "Android" is a mish-mash of dozens of mutually incompatible platforms that you like to throw into a blender and turn into the Google-Aid™ smoothies that have addled your brain cells so thoroughly.
I yield to your knowledge of WP7—mine was just from watching commercials. I thought the homescreen "tiles" might be something that would appeal to people, but my worry is that that would really punish the hardware—like Cover Flow x 12, or whatever it is.
I can totally see Amazon working their way to a real tablet starting as an Ebook reader. They already have an ecosystem—a totally different ecosystem from Apple's, but why can't there be room for more than one? Hell, if they offer a real file system and a way to read Ebooks in different formats, I might buy one myself—once they ditch this pathetic e-ink technology, that is. As for the other contenders...when the $200 "Android" Crap-Tablets™ arrive, they'll probably sell...
I love the guy, but...does anybody but me think iOS would be Android if Woz still worked for Apple?
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