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Agreed: The US is full of false advertising. So the Apple-bashers on this forum have decided that Apple should be the one company that's required to quote the Total Cost of Ownership in their ads, instead of the up-front price, like all the others do. Yeah, that's fair. And I'm sure it'd go over big with the consumers!
In the middle of what? Do you even know what you're reading? Do you even recognize what you've written? Is some adolescent using your screen name to post these mean-spirited diatribes? Enlighten us! Not as boring as reading your broken-record rants.
Well, from this thread alone:
It's because Flash is a barely-functional, bloated resource hog (like all of Adobe's products) that makes browsing on any computer a living hell. The Flash Light that Apple could fit on the iPhone and other cell phones have is not Flash, properly so called, and wouldn't do you much good. No mobile device can run full Flash or come within miles of having the system resources to do so.
Well, in my observation, it's you who does all the flaming. Anyone who dares to question any of your tirades is immediately accused of being too stupid to understand it, needing someone to read it for them, etc., etc. P. S. Just to save time: Yes, we get it! They like Nokia in Finland. Those of us who were going to keel over with a coronary from that shocking bit of news already did so a long time ago, so there's no need to keep posting it!
First of all, I've never met, read anything from, or heard of anyone who has encountered the stereotypical Apple "fanboy." They don't exist. They're a figment of the Microsoft fanboys' diseased imaginations. If you actually read any of the posts on various tech forums, you will find that the nastiness always comes the other way. Secondly, I will grant that Apple-oriented forums are unique in that there are always a set of frequent posters who immediately jump on any story...
I see the double standards people are out in full force again! My Sunday paper is full of cellphone ads: $199! $99! $49! FREE! 2 of them for FREE! 5 of them for FREE! This apparently somehow doesn't constitute false advertising. Yet Apple and Apple alone should be required to advertise: "Only $2600 for two years of service!" Please, people, buy a clue somewhere!
I also don't want to see this thread degenerate into a political slashfest, but whoever it was that said the political climate can't be ignored in any of this had a point. The only problem is, I think Psystar or their lawyers have misjudged its effect. Just in the interest of full disclosure, so you can discount what I say if you want to, I'm a flaming lefty. I thought I hated Nixon, and I thought I hated Reagan, but I didn't know what the word "hate" meant until George...
Seriously, though, if this ad agency is really the one that came up with that plastic-headed hobgoblin on the Burger King commercials...well, that's the creepiest damn thing I've ever seen in my life! But if that's their idea of emulating the hilarious Jack-in-the-Box commercials, and Aero is Microsoft's idea of copying Aqua, then I guess they were made for each other.
I wish somebody could dig up the "Diner of the Living Dead" sketch. So many stations pulled the show after that that they never really recovered.
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