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So has anybody made a study of these damn ChromeBooks? How many of their webcams and mikes are always-on and/or controllable from the web side?
Google has never "innovated" shıt. A couple of college boys took a commonly-used search algorithm used in the academic realm to rank papers by number of cites, patented it, and make billions off the gullible*. They're the equivalent of the a$$hole that patented the crank, forcing James Watt to use planetary gears on his first rotary steam engines. *At least this is the theory. I've never seen any sign of this genius search algorithm. All I get is page after page of...
I've always heard "you", I think. That's one good thing about (the most common) British accents (that we hear over here, anyway)—they haven't lost the palatal onglide in front of "u". This is one of the things that's spread from Noo Yawk all over the country since I was a kid: "nooz", "toon"... drives me nuts. That and the loss of the aspirated "w" ("Would you like some cheese with that whine?" is now a pun) and the "aw" sound in "dog". ("My dotter got a new dahg".) Well,...
The amusing thing about the British Preference for "AL-you-MIN-ium" is that it violates the rules of their own dialect (or Received Pronunciation™, anyway) against secondary stress. They have to say "MIL-i-try" and "SEC-re-try", but then they pick out a few words to violate their own rules with, apparently just to be different from the American pronunciation. You can sometimes hear a momentary pause before each word as they shift mental gears before saying...
In addition to the list of ridiculous assumptions listed above that people seem to be making, I love the idea that an adapter will be "a dongle always hanging off your iPhone". No, folks—an adapter would be just like those USB-PS/2 adapters that come (used to come? Haven't bought a wired mouse for a while) on the end of your mouse cord. You'd put it on the end of your headphone cord and never know it was there. If you need to plug the headphones into something else, just...
Lucida Grande, Helvetica—what's the difference? I certainly can't tell them apart. The real problem is that sans-serif fonts in general cause brain damage. Or are caused by brain damage, I'm not sure.
From the OP:So where in the hell is this "more useful" "better product"? All I get is a bunch of totally irrelevant çrap that I can only assume represents whoever paid Google the most to wind up on top of any search. Aside from the Wiki page, which I could have gotten by going there in the first damned place, all I get is page after page of paid product placement. Google is totally worthless.
Google has taken over from Microsoft as the world's premier purveyor of vaporware. Hopefully people's patience will run out quicker waiting for Google's DoucheGoggles or Self-Driving Cars than it did waiting for Longhorn!
IBM is in the top 10? Of valuable brands? (Or are BrandZ something different?) The value of a brand has to do with public perception. I would love to know what percentage of the general public even knows that IBM is still in business! To me they're a completely behind-the-scenes operation nowadays. They make a lot of money, I'm sure, but their impact on the public mind is absolutely zero.
They've been sued for stupider things that that, so I say have at it! If that doesn't work, you can sue Microsoft for inspiring the expectation in you.ETA: Be sure and save a screencap of that ad—things like that have a way of disappearing down the memory hole.
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