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A: The government never built any of those rockets—contractors did.2: SpaceX ix able to build them cheaper because they're doing nothing but reinvent the wheel. They're duplicating work that was done 50-55 years ago.I wish to hell SpaceX (or someone) would try to do something that would actually bring down launch costs—like Chrysler's SERV from 45 years ago.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SERV(Sorry for the bare link, but I refuse to enable Javascript just to hide it.)
You're never going to convince people of the value of Apple products if they're wired not to see it. A lot of the Android or MS trolls we get are just viciously enraged at the implication that anything could actually be better than anything else. If someone sees more value in one brand than another, because of aesthetics, or ergonomics, or ease-of-use, or build quality, or any of the other terms they do not or will not understand, those sheep have just been deluded by...
What a load! Apple giving up their fight against the theft of their OS by Micro$haft demonstrably stalled innovation for ten freakin' years! Once something is "good enough" and cheaper innovation is going to stall right there. What you're saying is Apple's protection of their innovation from theft is stalling the process of creating "carrier friendly good enough" products—which is apparently the outcome you want to see.
Poor Samsung! Couldn't find any valuable patents to steal. Remember Night Court, when the old couple were up for stealing cat food from a grocery store? Dan Fielding asks them: "If you were going to steal anyway, why didn't you steal real food?" "Oh, that wouldn't have been so...uh..." "Pathetic?" "Yeah!"
That's the best-known example of paid trolling. I'm just wondering if Gatorguy is making more than that.
So does Googlesung pay more than the 20¢ per post that the Koch Brothers pay to troll liberal blogs? If not, 9633 posts in 37 months only comes to ~$52/month. Not much of a career.
Barring a complete breakthrough in camera technology, like near-field optics (which no rumors, even, have discussed), or violating the laws of physics in regular camera technology, the iPhone is as thin as it can get already (if not thinner).
Exactly. If the battery lasts all day, that's all people care about. If it's not going to last two full days—and I don't see this in the foreseeable future—it will make absolutely no difference to people. Of course, spec hounds would crow if the battery's rated for 2 hours longer than you're going to need, but since most spec hounds are Fandroids and Android can't deliver that, that doesn't apply.
And he/she was certainly male on Mac 360—or at least his/her avatar was.Edit: I would prove it, but after they dropped the forums, you could still read the old comments in the archive. Not any more, it seems.
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