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Loss of words is sad, I agree, but loss of entire phonemes causes much more confusion. I've watched with dismay the last 40 years or so as features formerly confined to the New England dialect have spread all across the country.1) Loss of the "aw" sound in "dog". "Daughter" is now pronounced "dotter". (I was once embarrassed when I was told to hold something for "Don" Something-or-other, and I looked like an idiot when a woman named Dawn showed up for it.)2) Loss of the...
I would have to go with "toe" rag, too. "Tow" rag makes no more sense then "tow the line", and yet, you see people say that all the time.
Speaking of the 5C—I wonder how it would stack up in one of these ham-handed bend tests against plastic phones from...harumph!...other vendors? What with its molded-in steel reinforcement and all.No, I don't really want to see one destroyed—because to ask the question is to answer it.
As I've said before, I see people on the bus pull out one of these huge phones and hold it to their head, and everybody rolls their eyes and smirks at them behind their backs, including me. So I never thought I'd be tempted by a huge phone like these two. Since they came out, though, I've been considering how often I actually make calls, and all I can come up with is if I have car trouble (which I haven't for a few years, and honestly I'd have other things to worry about...
Well, we learn every day. No, I've never heard anything like "whinge" spoken, or used in (printed) writing—and probably half the books I read are British, too. Maybe it's a little old-fashioned even there? Just speculating. I don't mean to sound critical—I love dialectology.
Actually, turning "dive" into a weak verb is a British innovation—the American usage is, as in most cases, conservative. (I get kind of the same reaction seeing someone who's not a toothless hillbilly say "et" for "ate"—for an example going the opposite direction.)"Had ran" is just wrong. Presumably a typo. I'm surprised you've seen it actually used. The internet-only term that always slays me is "whinge" for "whine". Where does this come from? Does it rhyme with "hinge"?...
I feel the same way about all the new cars wasted in these idiotic crash tests. "Geez, you mean to say if you drive a car into a brick wall at 60 mph, it'll wreck it? That's useful information there!"("It hurts when I do this!" "Don't do that!"—Archie Campbell's wisdom covers so many areas.)
All I get on Google search is page after page of crap that has nothing to do with my query, just whoever paid the most to have their spam come out on top of every search, so why would I think that searches on Youtube would be anything but self-serving and agenda-driven? Maybe after they figure out a way to let people pay to wind up on top, it'll change.
More importantly, if you're not bending it on purpose, it's going to hurt like a mofo long before it bends...so the moral is: If you feel an intense, stabbing pain in your hip when you start to sit down—abort!
I'm not quoting pazuzu so that others won't be exposed...but they didn't change anything between the 5 and 5S, the a$$holes just found something else to lie about (making fake fingers to fool the TouchID, I think). And no one here believes you own, or have ever used, an Apple product. When is Apple going to give us a two-button mouse, amirite?
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