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Can't be. That name is earmarked for the feature on the iWatch that monitors your bowel movements. (I'm anticipating the commercial for that with bated breath.)
Besides, Southwest Airlines bought Surfaces instead of iPads, so Apple is doooooomed! "IBM? Pfffhhtttt!"
I'm afraid the general public's reaction to this news (if they ever hear it) will be: "IBM is still in business? Surely not!" This will allow the tech media and the usual pundits to portray this as the innovation-challenged Apple tying itself to another dinosaur from the primeval swamp and going under together. This is probably the biggest news on the Apple front since Steve Jobs' return, but good luck selling that reality to the general-interest press.
This is very true. The fit young hipster yuppie demographic may be their iconic base, but it represents a very small part of their customers. I predict many will be put off by this kind of emphasis. (Like the 75-year-old lady who took our pictures with her iPhone at our July birthdays party today).Looking forward, how many even more disgusting bodily functions will the iWatch keep track of, and how lovingly will they be dwelt over in the commercials?
Thanks for the reference. I'm surprised I don't remember that, as I was in 5th and 6th grade in that era. Weird.ETA: Usually they're much better with the music. I liked the one where they were pouring the iPhone 5 out of molten gold to that...well, it sounded like a long-lost Canned Heat song, but I don't suppose it was.
I think they need to go back to TBWA, hat in hand. These latest ads are either boring as hell or incredibly obnoxious. If I hear that damn chicken fat ad one more time, I'm going to lose my freakin' mind.
"Turn-based" is a euphemism for "not full duplex", IOW "over-and-out" like a walkie-talkie, which was the basis of my comparison above. Problem is, we advanced beyond this in the 1880s—why bring it back? If you have anything to say to someone, why not call them and have a conversation?
I gotta call a Montoya on this one: I do not think that means what you think it means.
So the idea of texting, I guess (never done it, never will), is to get someone on the phone and then type at them. Nothing regressive about that. And everybody nowadays says they don't need a watch: "I can just use my phone." So they've reinvented the pocket watch, except without a fob, so they have to fish around in their pocket for it, and then drag it out to hold it up and look at it. Now this voice messaging is recreating the walkie-talkie. At least that's only...
I'm not setting myself up as any kind of expert...there could be other advantages to amorphous metals (or "metallic glasses" as they're also called.) They've been being discussed for 35 years that I know about, and the thing that's always mentioned as setting them apart is the lack of metal fatigue. It sounds like there are new ways of manufacturing them that I know nothing about, at least. As far as I knew, you had to spray them into a vacuum, so tiny particles would...
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