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No, no, a thousand times no! The only thing built out of aluminum that should have been built out of titanium was the Space Shuttle. Unless something is going to be exposed to extremely high temperatures, using titanium is idiotic. Does nobody remember the disastrous TiBook?
I love his personal aesthetic judgment being promoted to the status of "fact". I looked up "ceramic RADO" on their website and for sale on eBay (can't say I'd ever heard of them before). Designs cover a lot of ground. Many of them are "bulky" and "square". Since my judgment is equally entitled to the status of "fact", I would call all of them busy and tasteless.To me, the Watch (at least the stainless steel one with the expandable bracelet) is simple, elegant, and...
Is it possible ttollerton is from the UK? To us colonials, "wireless" means simply "without wires" (connecting the charger to the device), whereas to him "wireless" may mean "radio".So no, the power is not transmitted to the device via electromagnetic radiation, so it's not "wireless" transmission in the British sense, but the charger acts as the primary, and some coil in the device as the secondary of a transformer, transferring power inductively (and "wirelessly" in the...
Somebody always comes up with the argument "Look how cheap thumb drives or micro SD cards are!" when discussing internal storage in the iPhone (or MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros.) That's comparing Apples (yeah, I said it) and oranges. The crap flash memory they put in those (which will be written to
And how come this is only a problem for the Watch? How come the shirt-cuff argument doesn't prove that they could never sell any Rolexes or any of those other $20,000 and $30,000 watches every single one of which is at least as thick as the Watch at 11 mm?
Yeah, anybody who has trouble with "tens of hundreds" would probably have some kind of aneurysm if they had to deal with lakhs and crores of rupees.
Well, at least now we know sog35 is a pure troll. Now he can't wait to get his 5.5", while for the last months he's been assuring everybody he had no interest in a ridiculous phablet personally—he was thinking of the huge market Apple was missing. (Like 10% and shrinking of Samsung's sales, but whatever....)
It's not about seeing the pixels, it's about the arithmetic of scaling: The round-off error involved, and how many pixels are displayed as-is vs. calculated. Native resolution is always best, but failing that, the largest common divisors should be small, like 1080/720 is 3/2. 750 lines is going to be horrendous for any standard video format: in particular, 750/1080 is 125/180! The artifacts due to this will be noticeable, rest assured.
Purely technical people getting having full control over any technology used for music reproduction has historically been a recipe for disaster. They have all sorts of rules of thumb for what "the human ear can't hear" and they won't listen to any rebuttal.The first solid-state amplifiers were very, very good compared to typical tube-type amps when it came to harmonic distortion. "Yeah, but these circuit designs produce inharmonic distortion as well." "Don't be silly,...
The digital format can be as high-fidelity as you want, but except among a small minority of us "audiophiles" (a term of contempt for most people) music reproduction is a lost art, and any remaining true high-fidelity audio equipment is stratospherically expensive. 40 years ago, 0.1% Total Harmonic Distortion was entry-level for cheap receivers. Nowadays these (not-cheap) "Home Theater™" setups run typically 9%! High Fidelity was originally defined as
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