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A sapphire screen and LiquidMetal case (crystalline screen and amorphous case instead of the other way around) would be worth doing for the sheer weirdness factor.
Yeah, that struck me as a weird thing to say, too. To me the real milestones were the original iPhone of course, then the 3GS with real GPS and the compass, the 4S with Siri, and the 5S with TouchID and 64-bit. YMMV, i suppose, but I see very little support for the theory that the "S" releases are less interesting.
Yeah, that would have been the biggest last-minute change since GM decided not to put Wankel engines in all their 1975 cars.
I'm unconvinced that this is a significant chunk of the market. People buy the humongous Samsung phones because they want a top-of-the-line phone, and that's the size Samsung's top-of-the-line phones are. I think that's absolutely all there is to it.Why are they buying Samsung instead of Apple? As unbelievable as it may seem to us tech nerds, I believe that 80-90% of consumers literally don't know that iOS and Android are two different things. They buy Samsung largely...
Your English is better than 90% of native speakers', so don't take this as criticism. I'm sure autocorrect is to blame (because you're not the only one who has it come out this way), but every single time you mean to say "definitely" (bestimmt), what actually comes out is "defiantly" (trotzig).(Google Translate tried to "correct" me in the opposite direction when I checked to see if my 45-year-old high school German was right.)
1) Yes2) Yes. More (pentile) pixels doesn't mean better except to spec-hound neckbeards.3) Certainly in the top few. A much thicker phone could easily have a better camera, but then it's a camera with a built-in phone, not the reverse. And no, "More pixels!!!" does not mean better—see spec-hound neckbeards above.4) Certainly5) You've got to be kidding with this!6) Big, big yes.
I agree with all the rest of your points., and this one is probably true for a phone.However, the lack of a file system is the reason I don't have an iPad. I'd be using it as a reader 99% of the time, and with the number of files I have, in four different formats, it's just impossible.First, I would have to remember what format a particular item was in, and start that application (If there even is a DjVu reader—probably not). Then I'd have to page through hundreds of...
I heard an audible intake of breath among the audience when Tim introduced the crown. I interpreted that as: "Holy Shit! Why didn't anybody else think of that? It's so obvious!" Of course now the iHaters will be going: "Apple claims they invented the watch crown! LOL!"
I gave up on Consumer Reports 37 years ago, when they rated the new Dodge Omni / Plymouth Horizon "Unacceptable" because if you were barreling down the road at 50 mph with your hands off the wheel, then grabbed the wheel and jerked it 90 degrees and let go, the car would "oscillate and eventually run off the road". Seriously, this was their idea of a test!Not long before that, they rated the TV that was the best by their own criteria "Unacceptable" because the knobs were...
Couldn't agree less. He's a pretentious, condescending pissant, who I would bet any amount of money doesn't know 1% as much as he'd like you to think he does.This crap about accusing everybody but him of "not knowing how RAM is used", really pisses me off. Apparently he, the great expert, is not aware of how RAM works. Kind a a remarkable lapse of knowledge for the Great Guru!Hey, Wiz! RAM is absolutely the only thing in your phone that you can't turn off. It has to be...
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