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If you want something secure, I think the best would be an optical system—you put your thumb on the TouchID and hold the screen of the phone up under a little hood, where it flashes a barcode for an infinitesimal moment. No radio signal, no eavesdropping. Of course, there are no terminals like that so—chicken-and-egg—but if I were designing a secure system, that's what I'd do.
Apple could wind up like Porsche. Most people don't realize that cars are a small sideline for them nowadays—and other people, like Karmann, actually build them anyway. (But they're never going to give up cars, any more than Apple will give up computers, so chill!)
What's so idiotic about this argument is that I know damn well most of these yobbos were running OS X 10.4.11 for some time. But there can't possibly be an OS X 10.10!
This is just going to enrage the Aspie-Nerd-Fandroid-Geek patrol even further. They are deeply, viscerally insulted that anyone could pay any attention to aesthetics, or ergonomics, or even choosing components so you're not wasting money on a higher spec for some part that can't be used because of the other parts in the chain. It's "Form over function" and "Arrogance" and "Elitism", and "Being left in the dust", because as we all know, "function" means having at least one...
Walgreens. Great. Just after we switched our prescriptions to Rite-Aid. I don't know where you guys live that you're seeing NFC terminals in Walgreens, but I've been in dozens of them here in the Puget Sound area and I've never seen one. I've never seen one anywhere, as a matter of fact, except as I said before, in a Jack-in-the-Box 6 or 8 years ago. Gathering dust. I have no idea what CVS is, so can't comment on that.
Most people are scared to death of leakage from their microwaves (like the kitchen is a tuned cavity!) I think aiming a microwave beam at you to charge your watch would be a hard sell. If you're talking about pure induction, that has to be pretty much touching—I'd rather leave the watch in a charger than rest my arm on it for hours.
I've got to say, I'm no Adrian Monk by any means, but that missing segment would drive me crazy. Not as crazy as the wraparound on one side on the new Samsung Note (or Nissan Cube), but pretty crazy.
Oh, Bravo!
Jeez Louise! This reminds me of those Mr. Coffee coffeemakers that for years and years and years had square baskets, which the filter would lay down in the corners of and let coffee grounds underneath. Cripes, you guys—you invented the freakin' filters! How is it you're unaware they're round? This is the same attention to detail.
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