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Anyway, to continue musing, I can't see Apple building an integrated TV set like Gene Munster appears to be pining for. The price of the display is going to keep plummeting (of course, quality will plummet, too—that's what always happens), making people willing to pay less and less for a TV. At the same time, even if you have to accommodate 4K (at 60 Hz for 3D—why not!), a very low-end processor is perfectly capable of dealing with that. There would be no need for hardware...
I don't think this would be confusing for the kind of non-techie people you mention, because we were all used to the signal going through the VCR and making sure the TV/VCR setting was correct for many years. The kids too young to remember that would get used to it quickly, I think.Of course then there's always the demographic whose VCR's clock kept blinking "12:00" because they couldn't figure out how to set it. I see them resisting any new distribution system.
Aren't these the kind of Intel "Atom" processors that made netbooks such a miserable experience? I'm sorry, I simply don't believe anything Intel says on this subject. I'm pretty sure an A8 would outperform any crippled bottom-of-the-line Intel device. Hey, for the price of that Haswell processor, they could build a laptop with a 32-core (16 A8s) CPU, with money to spare!
Is that Apple's price or the half-price deal they had to give the "Ultrabook" manufacturers so they could compete with the MacBook Air?Doesn't matter. If Intel is selling anything for $30-$40 (just to be clear, I don't believe that for a second), its capabilities are going to be enormously less than that Haswell processor. I'm sure an A8 (whatever it may turn out to be) could run rings around it, and cost And before you said "why bother with an iOS/ARM device anyway?" I'm...
Fine, use that in the MacBook Air. It's impossible to build anything cheaper than that if you have to pay Intel's piratical prices. This would be a new, lower price category.
Steve (PBUH) said "we don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of crap". At the time, that was true. Maybe now it's not. A lot of people use laptops just for web browsing and a few simple functions that would be covered by Apple's free apps (iLife, iWork). Apple could undoubtedly now build a netbook-like, but high-quality notebook that would be super-thin, super-light, with great battery life, and several hundred dollars cheaper with an A-series processor...
Nah, the Star Trek Communicator was easy to design—all you had to do was drill a bunch of holes in the door of a Top cigarette roller. (Or was it Bugler?) Anyway, I think that's about the level of prototyping we're seeing in some of these "earth-shattering" products lately. ETA: Show me something like the Star Trek TNG comm badge—then we'll talk.
I guess I'm just showing my age, but this whole "I look at my phone to tell the time" thing just floors me. Congratulations, you've reinvented the pocket watch, only this time without a fob, so you have to fish around in your pocket for it and drag it out. 110 years after Louis Cartier invented the wristwatch for Alberto Santos-Dumont specifically so he wouldn't have to do exactly that.
People (for certain values of "people") whine about the "Apple Tax™"—but the real anchor tied around the industry's neck is the Intel Tax. The prices of their processors are highway robbery. If it were possible to use an ARM processor instead of Intel (I have no opinion on its feasibility), that would be a great thing. Probably it will take a generation or two more before that's possible. In the meantime: Adding an ARM processor like the A7 to a laptop would...
Maybe it's like the battery door on the remote for my Samsung TV? The latch barely holds, so it's always flopping open, but it has a plastic strap attached so it doesn't get lost. Sounds like standard Samsung engineering.
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