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I know I shouldn't be, but I'm honestly shocked. We knew about the 1995 fingerprint scanner, of course, but I expected them to do something—some insane (pseudo)resolution on the screen, maybe (which would be half what it sounds like because of their subtile problem)...but this is just unbelievably...the same. Only uglier. Did I mention uglier?
You can't be that obtuse. People can say they own Apple products. The dead giveaway of a troll or shill is what you did. Don't claim you can't see the difference. It's 100% accurate, and you've outed yourself. Weren't you the one ending every post with "MIGHTY SAMSUNG FIGHTING!!" the other day?
And: "I wish I hadn't been forced to trade in my iPhone—if only it would do a, b, and c." All things iPhones have done from the get-go, of course.
You're kidding, right? Anytime anybody starts talking about how many Apple products they own, and how they like Apple in general, but.... you know you're dealing with a lying troll, and most likely a paid shill. This kind of declaration is absolutely always a complete lie. It's troll tactic #1! Don't try to play innocent. Everybody knows that, and now they know for sure about you.
Well, reading the Wikipedia article, I realized I'd only read the revised 1939 version and not he 1904 one, and now I've got to try and find the 2001 revision of the Flynn novel, which I didn't know existed. We can all learn something every day. Unless we work for MicroSoft.
Well, I knew the "Country of the Blind" trope from reading the H.G. Wells story at an early age, but my favorite usage is in the Michael Flynn novel of the same name—kind of a reverse Difference Engine.
I'm reminded of the AIs in Dan Simmons' Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion who are using everyone's brains as additional computer power while they're passing through the matter transmitters.
Now if they sent some thugs door to door saying: "Give us $15 or we'll install Windows on your computer", they might make some money. I know I couldn't pay fast enough!
I'm sure Karen had nothing to do with the basic mechanical layout of the Bond Bug, just the styling—but honestly, 100 years ago there were plenty of 3-wheeled cars (Morgan was only one of the latest and most successful), but that's because they knew which end to put the single wheel on! These single-front-wheel abominations are waiting to capsize just sitting there.
Any time you see anybody use the phrase "think outside the box", don't even bother.... But seriously, this shotgun (fragmentation grenade would be a better metaphor) approach of Google's is going to fail, and fail huge! I can't even figure out what most of this crap is supposed to be. Google Glass is never going to catch on, at least until it's completely unobtrusive to the outside observer (surgically implanted?) Apparently there's a small but vocal market segment that...
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