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Oops, sorry! I acknowledge your priority. As you can probably tell from my 500 posts in 6 years, my attention here is spotty.I don't suppose it will happen, but it sure would be funny. "But...but...but..Google Glass!!!!"
Yeah...you see, nobody on this planet is required to respect your...unique...definition of the word "innovation", so you're basically just talking to yourself.
No, you just want Apple to reinvent the wheel, or it's not "innovative". Unless of course, you want to call something like the iPhone innovative, then:it's how they put together existing parts. So you contradict yourself in the same post.
Or a pair of (sapphire?) glasses that i-Watch everything through?
One has to wonder about the timing of this whole easy-to-guess-celebrity-password "ZOMG!! iCloud is haxxored!! Panic!!!" business just a few days before the big reveal of an Apple secure-payments system.
I guess your grandmother was right—watch the millions and the billions take care of themselves.
Flexible "sapphire" and radio-transparent (Liquid)Metal. People sure do love those oxymorons!
Fast food places haven't required PIN numbers for years, they just swipe the card and that's that. I guess they figure the percentage of fraudulent cards will cost them less than the few extra seconds it would take to authenticate. Anybody selling more expensive merchandise would obviously feel differently.
It's fat people who have trouble getting stuff in and out of their pockets. Trust me—I know.
So what's to keep Samsung (or whoever) from hiring people to start these lines and then sound like blithering idiots for TV interviews, to make Apple fans look bad? Other than that, mellow out, you guys. It's a festive occasion, for people who share your interests. ComicCon and Sci-Fi conventions and whatnot look silly to those who aren't interested—sort of like sporting events to me. Let people have their hobbies!
New Posts  All Forums: