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As far as the iPhone's size goes, how much does anybody want to bet that the same people who were bitching about it being too big and stretching out your pocket in 2007, are the same ones now who are predicting its demise because it's not the size of a tombstone?
The sandpaper joke would be funny, but I don't see a 7.85" iPad as being contradictory to SJ's denigration of the 7" Android tablets he was talking about.   A 7" 16:9 screen is 3.43" wide, a 7.85" 4:3 screen is 4.71" wide—a difference of over 1 1/4 inches. That puts them in completely different categories, if you ask me. (Over 37% wider, in fact.)
Many years ago in Road & Track, a Major Upsett cartoon said it all. We're driving along a road right at the edge of the ocean. Approaching the top, we see a line of cars pulled up at the cliff. One has just driven off the edge and is halfway to the water. The Major turns and says to his passenger: "I see Consumer Reports is testing cars again."   They break new ground in the field of ignorance every time they evaluate any type of product that I know anything about--I...
Well, unless Google Maps has changed radically in the last year or so (I wouldn't know--I'm Degoogleizing my life as much as possible), I say good riddance. The satellite view was kind of a cool novelty (at first)--wow, that's the roof of my house!--but I got over it in a hurry. Street View doesn't tell you how to get anywhere--you're buried in the scene. The only thing you're going to consistently want to use it for is the maps--so how are the maps?   Short...
Crowdsourcing for corrections sounds like a good idea--if there weren't as many jerkwads in the world as there are. Unfortunately, the world is full of Fandroids, Googlesuckers and similar scum. What's to keep them from sending in "corrections" of streets and POIs that are completely wrong? I'll bet money that an organized campaign to do just that is starting up already.
  I see this crap so often I just have to respond to it even though this is a dead thread (and you're obviously a paid troll, complete with boilerplate "I own umpty-jillion Apple devices" from the supplied playbook.)     All the changes in Apple products for the last several years have been in pursuit of rigidity and solidity at all costs, and the devil take the hindmost. I would see the lists of problems that people were complaining about in their macs (well, laptops,...
  Maybe a fourth (and fifth?) antenna would help.
Aluminum is basically frozen electricity—about 20 KWh/kg, IIRC.
Well, "A4" being the first unit of a series introduced to the public is not unprecedented: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-2  
I haven't been reading the comments here for a couple of years, because the Android shill infestation became intolerable, but I thought I'd check back to see how they squeal about this issue. I guess things haven't changed much. The only reason I'm adding a comment is to register my surprise that there are people depending on these kind of phone apps for mission-critical directions. Surely that's hyperbole? "Smart" phones and similar techno-toys are just that—toys....
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