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I'm looking at the sequence of pictures we've seen.First there was a drawing showing the camera lens standing .77mm above the metal surface it emerged from. That's when everybody started hyperventilating about it "protruding" from the back of the phone.Then we saw an actual picture of the naked metal backshell, and clearly saw that this area at the top and bottom is recessed below the main area of the back. That should have put an end to this meme about the lens...
I don't understand these guys who come on here and say that if they're not interested in a product, it doesn't deserve to exist.I sincerely doubt if I'll be interested in this for myself, but if they come up with something that's popular and successful, that's great. It's the same with the iPad—I'd be using it as a reader 99% of the time, and without a file structure, it's absolutely worthless to me for that. I'm still glad it's enjoyed success, and I can certainly see a...
Well, if Apple has accomplished anything with the iPhone 5 and 5S, it's taught everybody the word "chamfered".
Seriously, the square iPod Nano has FM radio? I thought that came and went with the stick-of-gum Nano (Which I consider the greatest iPod ever.)
I think this is just a provocation—hoping for the usual suspects to go into foam-flecked paroxysms of rage, like they did about the thousand-dollar iPad ("And that's just to start! You just know that anything anybody actually wants will be at least $1500! Who does Apple think they are?! This is the greatest outrage in the history of civilization! I won't stand for it! This far and no farther!!!!")
I can only imagine this video you're talking about is in the box labeled: "The Connection Was Interrupted"? The text says that's from these Russian Gomers who cobbled together bits and pieces to build some Frankenphone. Why would you imagine they know what they're doing? Look at the pictures of the actual parts and you'll see I'm right. The recess has been filled. The camera "protrudes" from the backshell, but that's (.77mm?) behind this antenna assembly.
You guys are blind. Look at the pictures! You saw the camera lens in one drawing "protruding" .77mm from the bare metal of the backshell. Then you saw a picture of the bare metal backshell, revealing that this area is recessed a similar distance below the main area of the back. Now you've seen this recess filled in with an antenna and its plastic (?) separators. Obviously the camera lens will be flush with this. The lens will not protrude! You're just getting this from one...
They surround the metal antenna inserted into the previously-seen recesses in the ends of the bare metal backshell, incidentally putting paid to the hysteria about the "protruding" camera lens. These may be the antennas for this unnecessary NFC feature, since that's so much longer-wavelength that the plastic insert in the Apple logo wouldn't do the job.
The lens is not going to protrude. Honestly, you guys read one word in the title of a post and then just run with it, for weeks after you've seen the bare metal shell of the back, with that area on the top (and bottom) recessed below the level of the main part of the back. And now you've seen... that area filled with a metal panel surrounded by plastic (or something), obviously an antenna, which the lens will be flush with.
Well, if you go in an Apple store, you'll see all the display models set to the same welding-arc color temperature, so they must consider it desirable from some point of view. Brightness-at-all-costs is the only reason I can think of.
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