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Is that what's wrong with the site? I went over there to see if they had pictures of the new iPhones and the top third of the screen is something invisible that the text disappears behind as you scroll down. Have to use your scroll wheel exclusively, using Page Down you lose the first half of your next bite of text. Really annoying.
It must be nice to not have to know the exact time, like many of you claim you don't. Well, I don't...now, but I spent many years taking the bus to work. I'd ride one downtown and then walk around the corner to catch an outbound bus, which was always on time because this was its second stop. If my inbound route was on time too, great. Sometimes we'd really run behind though, and if we were more than 5 or 6 minutes behind, I could jump out at one point and run a block over...
Where do you get this crap? The "media frenzy" is happening. Apple couldn't prevent it if they tried. There's no "behind the scenes". If Apple tried to "work it up" like everybody else does, it wouldn't exist.
What "PR"? Absolutely everything Apple has said is: "Wish we could say more." They can't be blamed for ABC's hyperbole.
I predict that Apple will use Jim Woodward's Mach Effect thrusters (PDF warning) to make a flying car, partnering with Tesla. This is what's hidden in the temporary building, and it will fly around during the presentation. The car will be powered by smaller thrusters on the end of arms, spinning and turning a generator. These power units will also be sold to provide free energy for your home. Warp drive and wormholes won't come till next year's announcement. Apple's stock...
I was thinking they could copy Intel's strategy with the 486: sell the 486SX cheaper than the DX because the math coprocessor is disabled. Then, if you wanted to upgrade your computer, and it was one of the ones with a coprocessor socket right next to the CPU socket (which you also paid extra for), they'd sell you a "487" math coprocessor, which was just a 486DX. You'd plug it in, and it would disable your original CPU and take over its function.(Can you tell I don't like...
No, I'm referring to Porsche KG, the firm of consulting engineers that probably designed the valve train in that Korean car that only brags that it was "styled by Giugiaro". They also incidentally design cars, which are built by independent coachbuilders such as Karmann.
Oh, it'll work, on their usual clientele—once everybody knows what the real thing looks like. And remember, that's all most of them will know."Ours is half the price! And it has a quad-core processor!!"(Would it say "3 disabled to save power" even in the fine print?)
I think you're way too optimistic. He has 39 1/2 hours left!(Oops! Skipped a day! 62 hours now.)
I'm very much afraid that they would choose the latter, having no taste in such matters and not wanting to give any control (at least in matters of style) to Apple. But time will tell.
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