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Hey Samsung cough a buck you cheap bastards, I bought your goddam breakfast.
Shut up and take my money!
Shame on AppleInsider by trying to flame another war between Apple & Samsung. The page has turned on this, time to move on. Who cares anymore? No one. Thats who. Apple won. Apple will always continue to win. Samsung sucks. They will always continue to suck.   BTW: Everybody knows square beats circle.
Come June 30th I better be rocking Tay's new album exclusively on Apple Music after all this shit.
Walgreens in Chicago did this as well....pretty cool idea.   http://www.chicagoarchitecture.org/2012/11/20/first-look-flagship-walgreens-inside-historic-noel-state-bank-building/     DM
Please Apple make an iPod Touch 5.5 inch Screen. For those who don't want an iPad Mini and want portable gaming.
Count one less Spotify user come June 30th. Im going all the way with Apple Music.
Thats a fact Jack!
New iPod Touch please lord....
New Posts  All Forums: