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SCAB!!! just kidding... well outside of the User Interface, the services (content) will be pretty much the same. I meanhow different can you get outside of music artist exclusives, etc.
Hurry up and get it done. I Want to get out of Spotify and into this new vehicle to support Apple.
Seeing all those dongles, drives and hubs makes me sad. That beautiful MacBook deserves to be stand alone at all costs. One word people....iCloud.
Congrats Apple!
The article says "Through the exclusive window, HBO Now will be free for subscribers for the month of April."
Apparently only the month of April its free...so no. Only 3 free episodes.
This is awesome. First 3 Episodes free of Game of Thrones to hook in everyone. I like HBO's style.
Purchase, I will not. Too expensive right now. Wait I will, for the bundle price. Hopefully at the 60 buck mark.
Credit card at the ready.
I like spotify....but will switch to Beats as soon as my 60 Day Trial Period is over. Gotta support the team.
New Posts  All Forums: