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Yes...and a good search engine for Apple to buy....Yahoo!
If this goes well for Beats I bet they will want to move into the music player hardware...cough, cough iPods. to match those expensive headphones. This Beats Music subscription service will be Iovines trojan horse for iOS & Android to get it off the ground. Ultimately Iovine will want it all......
If this deems true....Not Kicking Ass, my ass. Go Apple!
F the media, F Wall Street, DOES NOT ANYONE UNDERSTAND APPLE KICKS MAJOR ASS in all aspects from Software to Hardware. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN APPLE.....NO ONE.
Warp speed engaged....
Google you can keep it. No one wants you on iOS...hmm well maybe just Youtube...hmmm well maybe not....those annoying ads. I wish there was a decent alternative to Youtube.
Fak....damned if you do...damned if you dont. 
Apple stripping features from Photoshop and Illustrator what?? Why would they do that? Adobe is the de-facto graphics software. Having the best graphics software and having the best hardware (Mac Pro) to back it up is what is should be about. Graphics started on the Mac years ago...what a great way to keep the momentum going by having Apple buy Adobe. It would make all the PeeCee users jealous as hell. And add to Apple's arsenal. Apple buys Adobe.....A match made in...
Me want to use to bang out killer Strata 3D renderings.....Also can Apple please buy Adobe already. Lets have have Apple put another feather in their cap with taking over Photoshop and Illustrator.
Please.....no Stairway to Heaven.
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