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Cha cha Ching
Skiing anyone?
I scored two iphone 5's from Best Buy, even though I hate those basterds. They gave me 140 each for iphone 4's and the 5's was on sale for 150.00 ea.   Total cost for 2 brand new iphones 5....twenty bucks.   FU BEST BUY
Let me take care of that....
Nothing a little bondo cant fix.
Oh boy here we go...
Yeah Im not digging the new maps app. But Im willing to wait for them to update/fix the issues with it. Fly over is pretty cool. My biggest heartache is the new Dial Pad UI. I hate that new look with the white back ground...then you dial a number and the interface goes back to the original look.... WTF is going on here.
Poison my eyes. Thats alot of white. But I love the new look.
2 dudes here at work have that plastic phone....photos looks bad, very over saturated. Nothing comes close to the Retina.IMHO
New Posts  All Forums: