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WTF....we dont want that cheap ass Video Only camera on iPod Touch. Please Apple dont slap our faces with something like that....I bought the DSI for my daughter because you guys f'd up the last round.....
Dishes are done man.
Apple "awash in cash" as Microsoft offers "buckets" to Zune developers Better title..... Apple is LOADED, while Microsoft Sucks.
But is it Snappier?
Are the current screen/monitors from Apple considered HD? Wouldnt this be a requirement for BD?
got any with hot chicks....
Enough with that same Ratat image....isnt there something else in the arsenal. I like it....though hopefully its a system wide look. not just for qx
BRAVO!!....Me too. Im sick of the internet commercials on Hulu. Damn they are annoying. I know they help pay....but really.
Nice try.
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