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Let me take care of that....
Nothing a little bondo cant fix.
Oh boy here we go...
Yeah Im not digging the new maps app. But Im willing to wait for them to update/fix the issues with it. Fly over is pretty cool. My biggest heartache is the new Dial Pad UI. I hate that new look with the white back ground...then you dial a number and the interface goes back to the original look.... WTF is going on here.
Poison my eyes. Thats alot of white. But I love the new look.
2 dudes here at work have that plastic phone....photos looks bad, very over saturated. Nothing comes close to the Retina.IMHO
Whats right, is right....
Thanks! Great info. Now it makes sense to me.....
I thought I read somewhere....that the headphone jack on the bottom would also serve as bass port for the speakers next to it. Similar to the way bass speakers are ported for better airflow and louder bass?? Cool design....not sure I dig the color.
New Posts  All Forums: