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got any with hot chicks....
Enough with that same Ratat image....isnt there something else in the arsenal. I like it....though hopefully its a system wide look. not just for qx
BRAVO!!....Me too. Im sick of the internet commercials on Hulu. Damn they are annoying. I know they help pay....but really.
Nice try.
What a horrible looking "rendition"
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!! Bring on the next logical path.....iTablet. Hoping for a small form factor desktop machine...looking at my G5 tower to my right, I cant help but wonder why its SO BIG....especially when its sits next to my 15" Macbook Pro.....
Damn!!! Thats wicked.
Dont care, either one....but they should lower the prices....I pay too much, just to have the iPhone.
Tearing.....sniff, sniff.
Ho chi minh....ftw
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