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Apple "awash in cash" as Microsoft offers "buckets" to Zune developers Better title..... Apple is LOADED, while Microsoft Sucks.
But is it Snappier?
Are the current screen/monitors from Apple considered HD? Wouldnt this be a requirement for BD?
got any with hot chicks....
Enough with that same Ratat image....isnt there something else in the arsenal. I like it....though hopefully its a system wide look. not just for qx
BRAVO!!....Me too. Im sick of the internet commercials on Hulu. Damn they are annoying. I know they help pay....but really.
Nice try.
What a horrible looking "rendition"
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!! Bring on the next logical path.....iTablet. Hoping for a small form factor desktop machine...looking at my G5 tower to my right, I cant help but wonder why its SO BIG....especially when its sits next to my 15" Macbook Pro.....
Damn!!! Thats wicked.
New Posts  All Forums: