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Steve you are amazing, please get well soon.
Best Buy....your fired.
Ha ha!!!!!
Build it....and they will come.
I scooped a 64gb White Ipad at Target...everywhere else was sold out. I was told the Local Walmart and Best Buy had more of the 16gb and 32gb models but quickly sold out. Now the issue is everyone wants to use it at home. My MacBook Pro and Ipod Touch 4th Gen, and 2 Iphone 4's are being pushed to the side by fellow family members. I see this as becoming the only thing they want to use from now on. I may be picking up 2 more 32gb's Ipads.
Awesome...I will be getting 2 of these bad boyz.
Doesnt Airplay already handle the HD Output via WIFI?
Nice....Congrats Stevo
This is a RIM Job!
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