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Great! now I can track my cheating whore girlfriend...
Get better Big Steve...we all miss you and want you back asap.
In Mexico...Project Carlos? he
Not bloody likely.....I say perhaps on the Ipod Touch...
Geez Apple dont do us any favors.....they should be cutting the prices soon.....just wait.
Its sickos like this that give stalkers bad names...Dude needs to leave Ive alone and give up the domains..... Cudos to the photographer...those were some nice creepy pics of that old house..... Great work.
Man today is a slow apple news day, aint it? Can wait to see the spy shots for the next Iphone....and the new tablet.
wow 10 bucks...thats it?
This has failure (written in e-ink) all over it. Its way overpriced....for what its supposed to do. My 2 Pennies
Who knows what that machine is? My guess Russian ATM??? So if thats the case Pussy & Money are the photographers subjects? Woah.
New Posts  All Forums: