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Geez Apple dont do us any favors.....they should be cutting the prices soon.....just wait.
Its sickos like this that give stalkers bad names...Dude needs to leave Ive alone and give up the domains..... Cudos to the photographer...those were some nice creepy pics of that old house..... Great work.
Man today is a slow apple news day, aint it? Can wait to see the spy shots for the next Iphone....and the new tablet.
wow 10 bucks...thats it?
This has failure (written in e-ink) all over it. Its way overpriced....for what its supposed to do. My 2 Pennies
Who knows what that machine is? My guess Russian ATM??? So if thats the case Pussy & Money are the photographers subjects? Woah.
Big Device, Big Arms...Big FAILURE. Bring it on Apple.....
Keep it.
I recommend MGS4...it blew me away. Ive been a long time 360 fan. Had my original system for 4 years. Played many of games. But since moving to PS3 I feel its so much more fluid. Try MGS4. Be prepared for God of War 3..... Tides are turning in my opinion.
Here is the deal, soon after I upgraded the system software to NXE (New XBox Experience) It was downhill for me....apparently this changes the 3 Rings to a 1 Ring of Death. MS doesnt cover the 1 Ring. So to all...beware. I was able to "towel" it to work just enough to trade it in for the PS3.I cant tell you guys enough, how glad I am with the PS3.....Graphics are so much more fluid and realistic. Its amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: