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Dont care, either one....but they should lower the prices....I pay too much, just to have the iPhone.
Tearing.....sniff, sniff.
Ho chi minh....ftw
"Nokia powering up self-charging cell phone" http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10267006-1.html Lets eliminate the chargers all together.
Big deal....like this hasnt crossed the brilliant minds of the iPhone OS guys..... Give me something I can use.... Im bummed out Michael Jackson died.
Dudes, does anybody know of places I can get some cash for my 1G Iphone. Looking to upgrade to 3GS..... Other than Craiglist or Ebay..... Cause its so much snappier.
This is some Mission Impossible shit.... They gotta do, what they gotta do.....ya know.
Get well SJ.....
Perhaps...but where I live we have no 3G.....yet.
I agree. Apple is crazy to think I would want to replace my 1G Iphone with this "New" one. Honestly can say there is nothing worth the upgrade.....Que next year.
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