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looks killer outside and inside.
that means the Law of the Donkey is invoked here.....
nah man...I believe that was a rail gun used in the movie......cool none the less.
April Fools!!!! hahaha
EPIC FAIL.....Mr. Dell please do us all a favor and give up. No one wants this or anything else your company has come up with.
Can it really be that fast, like the commercials?
LOL....I do that as well.....too funny.
Worst Icons Ever......
Fat lady singing on this sum b'ich
Pretty amazing stuff. These guys from Apple really know what they are doing. This whole iAd things is going be HUGE. How soon do these adds be completly tailored to you specifically. Based on all your net history, etc...Plus pulling these exact ads, to be at bustops, subways, trainstations via iPosters. Hello Minority Report.
New Posts  All Forums: