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Purchase, I will not. Too expensive right now. Wait I will, for the bundle price. Hopefully at the 60 buck mark.
Credit card at the ready.
I like spotify....but will switch to Beats as soon as my 60 Day Trial Period is over. Gotta support the team.
Sour Krautz
That movie looks horrible...too bad they wasted Final Cut Pro on this. Margot Robbie is so hot...loved her in Wolf of Wall Street.
Perhaps those who purchased these, can return these pieces of junk. And buy  Apple Watch. I mean come on, 100 bucks more.
Nice Watch!
Why you selling? lol No I paid big on my cables I have. Velcro I got free from work. 
Same here...I velcroed mine down...lol
Just don't make any film...why risk the embarrassment.
New Posts  All Forums: