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Thats what SHE SAID!!! OH! Sorry, couldnt resist. DM
Keep it.
Google Earth on my iPhone...wow I just scorched my shorts.
I dont approve your message. Tech changes man, go buy the cable, jeez.....
Bottom line, this is about money. It always is. Take a crow bar to your wallets and step up to the MBP....ya cheap bastards. Or go buy an adapter for the real cheap asses. Think about it, you will be helping the economy. This is DimMok....and I approve this message.
Is that a MID in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me....
Dont hate the player, hate the game......
YES!!! Im so excited I can burst.
I've always thought of Woz as a quiet storm. Kind of the back up guy to SJ. If he says these things they truly must have merit. Next Big Things at our favorite fruit company. The iCortex Embedded Brain Chips...eliminates the need for a physical device altogether. Taps right into all of your sensory inputs.....
I concur....after seeing this and its actual business....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!
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