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Note to self: Dont put 3G iPhone in your back pocket. These cracks can only come from some fat-ass sitting on it. LOL
One would surmise this "copy & paste" would have been included with the inception of the iphone, As it was built from the Mac OS from the begining... Think back.....copy & paste was always a part of the Mac OS. IMHO I believe Apple left it out...on purpose. So people can bitch and complain about it...And then bam, Apple will include it. Appearing as though its some great freebie they have graced us with. Honestly I could care less about the ability...but damn this...
Bring on the woz!!!! The other, other steve. Ps...leave steve jobs alone...pleezze lol
ditto...man she is hot...I would do some damage.
A new Newton Pad, with E Book, IPod Touch Qualities, etc. Its exciting times....
Rim - ftw
Thanks so much SOL.....anyway here is my screeen shot, finally..... Couldnt find any preferences to change it back, also I see there is now an option to show "Home" and "Work" Events.
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