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I for one still dont consider anything on the app store is worthwhile.... As a pro-gamer (Xbox 360/PS3) I would like to see some high end games be offered. I know the potential is there.....farting, levels, vibrating, flashlites, lighters, pong games...enough already. Its getting embarassing. Lets step up to some killer titles, really take this to another level.... Who is with me. And for those who say Well Why Dont I Make Something...well I am working on one app. Its...
Thanks....your right I am a legend...perhaps in my own mind...but a legend, never the less. TEQUILA FOR ME AND MY AMIGOS!!!
This happens to me, I try not to move it around much. I just thought it was my 1/8 to RCA adapter......As a DJ this is important to me. But not enought to cry about it..... ROCK ON.
I suppose you could be a JERK-OFF.... Pretty obvious you havent seen Batman....so keep your stupiid suggestions to yourself.
Does it come in black?
Now, if they can only explore "cut-n-paste" technology on the iphone.....
Please Rainbow Six on the iPhone....
Steve Jobs is such a visionary. Its scary.
Your in big trouble Palm......
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