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Awesome....thanks EMONEY35....any idea of how to put a screen shot in my replys here? It asks for a URL address when I click insert image.....
woah...thats weird...I have 2.0 build 54A347 as well...but mine has Mon - Sun...left to right. How did you take a screen shot of your iPhone Calendar? thanks,
We only have Tequila..... Whats Tequila? UM...Its Like Beer..... Is it fattening? FATTENING? Viva Mexico!
I have to admit, just not really impressed on the App Store offerings.....the "free" apps really are lame. The only I purchased was Super Monkey Ball......which after a few times...pretty lame as well. On another note...did anyone notice the iPhone 2.0 Calendar application has changed to Monday thru Sunday.Yet iCal on my Mac is still Sunday thru Saturday....this bothers me.
Yes...that makes sense.
They should released 2.0 to existing users first...why did they wait. More importantly why didnt they realize this could happen. Im soooo pissed. My iPhone is dead....and I cant make any calls. Who is up for a little something from Apple to compensate us.
What a mess.
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