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Im not lucky enough to live in a city deemed 3G ready....still stuck using the Edge....and now I read this. Daddy's Pissed. Brothers and sisters....Brothers and sisters.....I dont know what this world is coming too....
You mess with the Bull you get the horns....
These look like sh@t.....I dont care how cheap these are. They look like knocks offs.... I will pass.
Go Bears!
try, try, try....but MS will never be as innovative as Apple. Thats a fact.
Price hike aside....its still pretty amazing how Apple has come to be the world's largest music retailer. Lets hope this move doesnt take that title away. I personally still buy cd's for 9.99
F U Bono. With your big glasses to match that big head of yours.
Work around would be to leave the iPhone in the phone mode and then lock it..... So when you unlock, voila....the phone mode.
New Posts  All Forums: