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Can some explain the "one audio line in and one audio line out port, each supporting both optical digital and analog" Is this the same as a TOSLINK connection?
Its hard to perfect...."perfection". Still a sexy looking cabinet.
You give me a break......While he has fell off the radar (like most artist's do) he will be back.I personally feel he is the greatest rappe ever next to Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.On the basement beats comment....all of Em's beats have been produced by the great producer Doctor Dre. A legend in the game. A game you are not part of.Go get Em!.....Do it just to do it.
Just like the title....you need Batter(ing) Ram to go inside.... I know.
..... (don't be a jerk)
Nice attempt....but still not better than the almighty iPhone.
I dont agree....the apps in general suck azz.
I for one still dont consider anything on the app store is worthwhile.... As a pro-gamer (Xbox 360/PS3) I would like to see some high end games be offered. I know the potential is there.....farting, levels, vibrating, flashlites, lighters, pong games...enough already. Its getting embarassing. Lets step up to some killer titles, really take this to another level.... Who is with me. And for those who say Well Why Dont I Make Something...well I am working on one app. Its...
Thanks....your right I am a legend...perhaps in my own mind...but a legend, never the less. TEQUILA FOR ME AND MY AMIGOS!!!
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