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Finally some decent computer news....you all know Apple started as a computer company? Right?
Notice how Steves head appears to be floating...kinda creepy. Benefits of wearing black, I guess. That interviewer was terrrible.
And you will know....my name is the LORD....when I lay my Vengeance upon thee!!! LOL
wait emails from Steve Jobs...I knew it.....HE IS ALIVE!!!!! Best, DimMok
Those arent hands...those are freaky claws....
This is SLANDEROUS.....I would sue these bastards.
Damn you AT&T?
Why can't we all get along? I love anyone who loves Apple. Lets take a chill pill and love one another. Peace
Say it isnt so SeinMan....so it isnt so.....
You ever fake it? I faked it......you know, when its enough already and you just want to get to bed. LOL
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