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Shut down this company and give the money back to shareholders!
Its buying time.
And my jerky animations when opening and closing windows....ugh. Early 2009 Mac Pro 16gb Ram.
Serious Beats Music rules....love everything about it. Wish they would chop down the price to 5 bucks.
Its all about the IP.
Hey Im down for some digital streaming for High Fidelity. My fickle ears pick up the difference. Wonder if in the future Bluetooth could everdo that...would be cool. That plus wireless charging I'm in.
"not only draw audio signals from the Lightning port, but power as well" Seems like these two models draw power from the iPhone..so whats your point? Plus Beats Bluetooth headphones last 12 hours on a charge....Unless your running 24 hours....you should be good my man.
Is this the beginning of iPhone audio jack's demise? I would think Bluetooth headphones would work better than this. Seems like a waste to go this way using Lighting with Bluetooth options at the ready.   DM
Must have Apple Watch.......
New Posts  All Forums: