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I wish the bigger screen comes out…that way all this talk of iPhone small screen blah, blah will cease forever.   Lets get back to whats really going on here.... Apple's superior iOS Ecosystem and drop dead gorgeous hardware.   DM
Samsung = Garbage
Whats right is right.....these thieves have to pay.
Resurrect Sherlock Apple! And Marissa is cute like Cameron Diaz cute. BAM!
F that Keyboard.
That Julia White is easy on the eyes
Whats the story on the low sound volume coming out of iTunes Radio? Seems to me a big difference volume when compared to just playing a track I own. Anyone else notice this? That and given the fact I can't convince my wife to dump Pandora for iTunes Radio, She loves the music that Pandora plays. She can't seem to get the same experience using iTunes Radio. DM
I have 1 2nd Gen…and 2 3rd Gen Rev A….In need of one more. I will wait for the next iteration. Love my Apple TV's
I want one.
New Posts  All Forums: