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new iPod Touch Plus, new Retina iMacs….my wallet, my wallet…my wallet.
You big Dummy! ~ Fred Sanford
I'm flabbergasted I can't seem to figure how to add family members to my 14.99/mo plan …even following all instructions to a tee.
The mailbox icon is different. Hmm.
Well thats that....Apple rules.
What a dumb ass.
Fire Sale on the Fire Phone.
Cant wait to play me some Modern Combat 5: Blackout on the 5.5 screen…..eat your heart out PSVita.
I wouldn't say Major Flaw….HBO GO App on the iPhone can stream with iPhone screen turned off…yet some others require the iPhone screen to be on like you say.Although I guess you can just run HBO Go through Apple TV eliminating the need for Airplay (ing) it.
gas face that watch
New Posts  All Forums: