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take the fun out of skateboarding while your at it….Fidgeting with controls, all while trying not to die….cool sign me up. /S
And now introducing…...the soon to be free with amazon prime membership  Fired phone. I love how this company is sticking its nose into streaming tv, tablets and now phones….all based on Amazon wanting you to buy products from them all the freaking time…nice try Amazon.
Please Sharks with Lasers….
Craig is kicking some azz!!!! Way to go my man.
Hats off to Apple !
Adios 1/8" Jack
I need
lotta trolls out tonite on this forum.
Who in their right mind would want a microsoft smart watch. DOA.
Options of cases with and without holes exist today for the current iPhones. And your point of the user hand covering up the logo while using....Hmmm the Apple logo appears to be smaller than the current size. And much higher up. So you hand wouldn't directly cover it up as that photo shows. Plus remember the iPhone 6 is a bigger Phone, hence more area to show while using it. I say it will be lighted up.
New Posts  All Forums: