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Cant wait to play me some Modern Combat 5: Blackout on the 5.5 screen…..eat your heart out PSVita.
I wouldn't say Major Flaw….HBO GO App on the iPhone can stream with iPhone screen turned off…yet some others require the iPhone screen to be on like you say.Although I guess you can just run HBO Go through Apple TV eliminating the need for Airplay (ing) it.
gas face that watch
Ok….Why isn't airplay allowed to work with some apps? What is the big deal? Why, why, why would it be any different watching content on my 4 inch iPhone screen or beaming it to my 70" TV ?
Lets go Apple!
Hell yeah man…as a graphic designer I second that!
Lets go Hyundai!!!
Not sure Im digging the 16gb model not enough space nowadays... Constantly struggling to delete and reinstall 1gb games for my sons iPad.   32 gb should be the starting point in my opinion.   Plus why keep the A5 around…something is brewing at Cupertino.
Yay!!! Yahtzee HD on sale%u2026.killer.
take the fun out of skateboarding while your at it….Fidgeting with controls, all while trying not to die….cool sign me up. /S
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