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Who in their right mind would want a microsoft smart watch. DOA.
Options of cases with and without holes exist today for the current iPhones. And your point of the user hand covering up the logo while using....Hmmm the Apple logo appears to be smaller than the current size. And much higher up. So you hand wouldn't directly cover it up as that photo shows. Plus remember the iPhone 6 is a bigger Phone, hence more area to show while using it. I say it will be lighted up.
Laptops always are seen from the back in most cases. And your point of using the backlight means no extra power drain.....iMacs are more than likely to be up against the wall anyways...so what would be the purpose to light up the logo. Also power would never be an issue since its plugged in the wall all the time.
No matter how hard they try. They can't stop us now.
Im looking forward to consolidating my iTunes Music Match and Beats Subscriptions
Why bother? Google sucks.
Please Apple have the Apple logo light up on the back of the iPhone 6, like the MacBook Pros. That would be so cool.
This payday will push Dr. Dre past P. Diddy net worth, I would imagine.   Much respect to Dr. Dre.
"As for Google's involvement in the case, both Dunham and another juror, Pamela Sage, said revelations regarding Internet giant's promise to pay for certain legal fees were "interesting." The facts did not sway the jury's final decision, however." Does this mean we go after google next?
New Posts  All Forums: