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I want one.
Even there shiny XBox One is taking hits to the armor from PS4%u2026.
Thats the beauty of it….Red Bull logo front and center of all your Apple TV "channels" next best thing in advertising. Coke Channel, Colgate Channel and so forth. 
Have 3 Apple TV's hooked up at home…Love this insanely great product.
Bravo Apple….
Yes...and a good search engine for Apple to buy....Yahoo!
If this goes well for Beats I bet they will want to move into the music player hardware...cough, cough iPods. to match those expensive headphones. This Beats Music subscription service will be Iovines trojan horse for iOS & Android to get it off the ground. Ultimately Iovine will want it all......
If this deems true....Not Kicking Ass, my ass. Go Apple!
F the media, F Wall Street, DOES NOT ANYONE UNDERSTAND APPLE KICKS MAJOR ASS in all aspects from Software to Hardware. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN APPLE.....NO ONE.
New Posts  All Forums: