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Samsung = Garbage
Whats right is right.....these thieves have to pay.
Resurrect Sherlock Apple! And Marissa is cute like Cameron Diaz cute. BAM!
F that Keyboard.
That Julia White is easy on the eyes
Whats the story on the low sound volume coming out of iTunes Radio? Seems to me a big difference volume when compared to just playing a track I own. Anyone else notice this? That and given the fact I can't convince my wife to dump Pandora for iTunes Radio, She loves the music that Pandora plays. She can't seem to get the same experience using iTunes Radio. DM
I have 1 2nd Gen…and 2 3rd Gen Rev A….In need of one more. I will wait for the next iteration. Love my Apple TV's
I want one.
Even there shiny XBox One is taking hits to the armor from PS4%u2026.
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