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 If you look at what I was responding to, it had nothing to do with what you're saying.  
 Probably because MCX has real data about how people spend money...and they aren't making wild random assumptions like you :).
That is stupid
27% profit is absolutely incredible in ANY industry...let alone tech. WOW!!
It's his opinion...no big deal. I wish the article went into more detail about how he envisions something like the iPad rather than just writing how he criticized Apple.
If the business was successful at all, then that "swipe" thingy would break fairly quickly IMO.
The thing next to the battery level is the "orientation lock" icon...meaning the phone won't change orientation when you rotate it sideways the way it normally would.  I have no idea what you're talking about regarding "double up arrow" next to the home button...unless you're referring to the double ^ thingys at the bottom of the video...those are part of youtube viewer not part of the video.
wtf is he talking about?
That would be cool.
Analysts are clueless sometimes.
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