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If he's like most other tech employees, then he signed an "at will" employment agreement, which says the company can fire him at any time and he can quit at any time for no reason (other than the stuff covered under "workplace discrimination").
  Hey, that's an entire years salary in that wallet!!!
What do they mean by "clever social engineering"...thanks for the deets...NOT
Slow news day I see
  They usually turn off by themselves.
Soooo...In summary:  Change is uncomfortable.
If peeps were that interested in your back yard they'd rent a helicopter and fly over the stupid thing...puh-leeze.
If you can walk by a building and take a pic...then you can fly a plane over a building and take a pic...cmon now.
  LOL!!!!  I was halfway through that when I realized you were being sarcastic :)  I agree for crap sake the last time I needed a CD/DVD was...um...I can't even remember honestly...cmon
  There is an entire ecosystem built around high-end Macs...it's not just Apples bottom line...if 3rd party developers stop making professional-grade software for Macs, it would hurt Apple in many ways...and it would make their "migration to the enterprise" more difficult.     The mac pro fills a much needed slot in their product line.  I'd be shocked if they discontinued it.
New Posts  All Forums: