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What is up with all the leaks lately? If I was apple, I'd be pretty pissed by now. But I'm not apple...I'm just a person...so I'm not that pissed.
But his decision freed up a bunch of stock options for other employees...so maybe his motives were not purely based on making money...imagine that.
I don't care what content is on Hulu...I won't pay ANYTHING for it...I already pay enough for crap TV. The only way this subscription model would ever work is if it was a complete replacement for cable somehow.
I definitely don't understand all that...don't care really I understand the need to insert commercials, etc, but all that other stuff you mentioned just sounds evil.
All that crap should be done on the server. Why is all that logic embedded in the player anyways? Heck, can it do my dishes too?
That's a great statement. Why do they have to point out an enemy like it's a war? Just look inward and start creating the best products on the planet...no need for "enemies".
WOW, they went down after the iPad was launched...OMG, who cares
LOL...I don't have any issue with digital music, and I see plenty of bands embrace it...AND I'm old, which I'm assuming you are too...lighten up. I actually believe my choice of music is probably better than it EVER was with the old model.
LOL I was thinking the same thing...I'm sure a lot of employees have iPhones already.
The Office 2011 screen shot looks like somebody puked up icons onto a screen...yuk. I've used office 2007 on windows for a year now and I still hate the ribbon (Fluent) crap...it's horrible.
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