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Yeah I was thinking the same thing...good god man, 2.3 BILLION DOLLARS!!!! Let's cure cancer instead, my god what a waste of money.
LOL...you think Apple did this? All I can picture is Steve sitting in a huge chair petting a bald cat with a huge gold pinky ring on.
I'd rather endure commercials than take on another monthly fee. If every network provided their content online (why wouldn't they?), then really what is the point of Hulu?
The guy (Brian Lam) addressed in the letter has the best email ever...BLAM!!!! @gizmodo.com. I dunno..the whole thing feels a little staged.
LOL that's great. I don't think you should abandon them though...nobody else has the balls to put out innovative products like Apple...don't punish them for having to work out the wrinkles.
LOL...don't worry Tim, you can still surf porn using Safari on the iPhone. BTW, when's the last time anybody walked into a software store (like CompUSA) and bought sexually explicit software from them? Why do people think the app store is any different?
Great post!!! I agree with you...and I am an Apple fanboy :-) Steve could throw the community a bone and either sell it to a restorer or have it restored.
C'mon...people in the open source community are not idiots...they understand when a feature is a rip-off of another product, and they understand intellectual property.
Um...I wish I knew that they were gonna remove the duck quacking app...damn...it's too late to get it now :-(
!(Catchy name)
New Posts  All Forums: