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FW800 is fast...but it's MUCH slower than SATA
LOL...and they are probably gonna get 100k jobs at software companies to help with security.
I must be stupid...I just want my google calendar to sync with the calendar on my iphone and back...does this do that? I don't understand the exchange tie-in.
I love the screen shot of the notes app...very informative :-)
Um...nevermind...the joke is too easy
I mean, c'mon, having to connect 3 cables onto the side of the MBP?
How is this "open" os going to get pushed to peoples phones? He mentioned how developers on iPhone can't modify the OS...I can't imagine a model with the google stack that would allow a developer to modify the OS either...or at least I dont see how that change would eventually make it onto somebodys phone. The phone looks clunky to me...I dunno.
This cracks me up...because best case scenario for Android is that EVERYBODY adopts it...and then everybody is the same except iPhone...built in market differentiation. It's funny to me that existing cell phone manufacturers would actually adopt something that would make them lowest common denominator with their competitors. Good idea from Google, but ultimately bad for cell phone manufacturers and bad for consumers.
I will wait for the completely re-written quicken...this just looks like a moderate update to the existing codebase rather than the complete re-write that is supposed to come out in 2009 I guess? I'll wait for that then
So, let's take this to it's logical extreme...apple goes out of business 'cause of Phystar...then there's no OS X....doesn't make sense, does it....these guys are idiots.
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