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  LOL!!!!  I was halfway through that when I realized you were being sarcastic :)  I agree for crap sake the last time I needed a CD/DVD was...um...I can't even remember honestly...cmon
  There is an entire ecosystem built around high-end Macs...it's not just Apples bottom line...if 3rd party developers stop making professional-grade software for Macs, it would hurt Apple in many ways...and it would make their "migration to the enterprise" more difficult.     The mac pro fills a much needed slot in their product line.  I'd be shocked if they discontinued it.
  You sound like an idiot...upgrading video cards and sound cards is a necessity for many professions.  And siting Thunderbolt as a replacement is laughable...maybe in 3 yrs, but not right now for sure.
I just want to know one thing...will this get around the blackout bull crap that MLB has with their browser-based version of streaming?
    Probably less billable hours than people currently spend fixing windows machines that have been riddled with viruses, keystroke trackers, trojans and everything else in the world.
        LOL @ AppleBitch
I don't think the next iPhone would be considered a "revolutionary new product"
I'm not sure if I want my ipad to bounce that many times
Ah yes...the super secret "desbloquear" feature
Well maybe Apple should change it's ways...oh wait...they're the most successful company of the last decade...nevermind
New Posts  All Forums: