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Yeah that was my question Market cap-wise...Apple is $391 billion versus Microsoft at $237 billion. Coke is only $152 billion.
Is that a quote from a Corning guy or a Microsoft guy? The whole paragraph makes no mention of who said it \
I'd like to see people use the word "trounce" more often.
Everybody on the planet names projects with code names...everybody.
I don't get how the steve jobs comment about google stealing from apple relates to licensing patents :|
LOL you're right it does seem ridiculous!!! Ipod, Iphone, Ipad 15 minutes!!! Looks like SJ had his 15 minutes of fame...about 10 times.
He looks just like steve jobs!!!
Hmmm...why not just leave it up there and keep selling it?
Did we need a teardown to figure that out?
This is gonna be a HUGE problem for the 1% of mac owners who have virus software on their machine.
New Posts  All Forums: