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Did we need a teardown to figure that out?
This is gonna be a HUGE problem for the 1% of mac owners who have virus software on their machine.
Android, Windows phone bosses? LOL...what are they mobsters or something?
Wait a minute...is the new UI in German!??!!! Cmon apple!!
Many people who have such a large impact on the world are not necessarily good fathers...sad but true. What's even more sad is there are so many people who have NO impact on the world, and who are also bad fathers
I think the real deal is that Steve is releasing his "approved" biography very soon...and Fortune is trying to "undercut" that release...why would apple even want this book on their storefront...they probably were asked prior
Actually, Amazon is a fairly successful online book store...not sure if you knew that.
Why would I want curved glass on my phone?
WOW...kind of short sighted isn't it? Surely HP could use those engineers on something else, no?
LOL so just because you have 2 different products, you need 2 different companies? Good god man.
New Posts  All Forums: