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If china was held to the same standards as the US on this stuff, maybe it wouldn't be quite so attractive for outsourcing The only reason the US ever sent stuff over there was for cost...and not worrying about pollution is a cost cutting measure.
What constitutes "retina"? The pixel density is much lower w/ that resolution then, say, the iphone.
I love that guy in the photo!!! How can he remain at that angle without falling?
I'd like to see consumer and business sales broken out...I think apple is huge w/ consumers...not so huge w/ business. Businesses are locked into MS.
How long before we have iPads that hover?
LOL...I love how they didn't site the source of the OS X review quotes...there were a lot of peeps who didn't want OS X to succeed 10 yrs ago...random quotes are meaningless.
True...at this point in time, to compare those 2 men is kind of silly...let's see what Zuckerberg has done in his life when he's 60.
LOL WTF...this is a riot
what was the experimentation? to make it slow and buggy? I'm pretty sure that was what the backlash was all about
OMG really? I don't know what's more newsworthy, the fact that Apple changed a tiny link on their website, or the fact that nobody on the planet except you noticed it...AND WROTE A NEWS STORY ABOUT IT!!!
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