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I love that guy in the photo!!! How can he remain at that angle without falling?
I'd like to see consumer and business sales broken out...I think apple is huge w/ consumers...not so huge w/ business. Businesses are locked into MS.
How long before we have iPads that hover?
LOL...I love how they didn't site the source of the OS X review quotes...there were a lot of peeps who didn't want OS X to succeed 10 yrs ago...random quotes are meaningless.
True...at this point in time, to compare those 2 men is kind of silly...let's see what Zuckerberg has done in his life when he's 60.
LOL WTF...this is a riot
what was the experimentation? to make it slow and buggy? I'm pretty sure that was what the backlash was all about
OMG really? I don't know what's more newsworthy, the fact that Apple changed a tiny link on their website, or the fact that nobody on the planet except you noticed it...AND WROTE A NEWS STORY ABOUT IT!!!
Pretty classless to go after the iOS developers directly without trying to work it out with Apple first.
catchy name
New Posts  All Forums: