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Pretty classless to go after the iOS developers directly without trying to work it out with Apple first.
catchy name
Who is the big winner here? Silver Lake...bought Skype for under 3B in 2009...sold it to MS 2 yrs later for 8.5B...wow.
Agreed...and the video was ridiculous how long they spent demonstrating it...I think I get it, you can resize from anywhere on the edge. Other features look very cool though.
I believe using copper in the initial implementation is a bad idea...because now vendors are going to build a bunch of devices assuming copper...not compatible with future "optical" versions...seems dumb.
I suspect they have battery people working on this...so if they aren't working on battery research, they're face down in a gutter in downtown SF...so don't worry this isn't taking resources away from other things.
I think anything over 50 yrs is considered historical (in the US). However, I live in a 105 yr old house and I'm quite sure somebody could tear it down with no complaints
um...WOW...so 46% and 62% qualify as "slightly faster"?
Patrick Lo lacks class
OMG who cares about this feature?
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