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Thats an original design...NOT
Great, now I can look forward to targeted ads based on my book choices.
He sent a correspondence to Steve Jobs and Steve thought it was worthy of a response...so he probably isn't a clown.
I have a 1st gen ipod touch that I've been trying to "accidentally" break for a year now...so I can get a new one. I've dropped it from 3 ft on numerous occasions onto parking lots and cement floors...nothing!!! The thing is like a tank. So I have to find a new excuse to convince the wife I need a new 64GB ipod.
So, battery life going from 6 hrs to 4 hrs just because of Flash isn't surprising to you? That is enough to make me un-install flash on my mac at home...it is absolutely, staggeringly unbelievable that one plug-in has that much of an effect.
HAHAHA...seriously though in the computer business, apple is probably the best out there as far as quality control. When things get "amplified" in a forum like this, it looks really bad, but percentage-wise, apple has very few catastrophic defects.
LOL...yeah I think the applecare documentation specifically mentions that it covers horses stepping on things.
huh? That's really really really really really lame...no wait...add another really on there.
This sounds like total BS...the next Ford Echo is going to be a hover car too
This is sooo true. At least dialogs in OS X seem to be less frequent and less wordy
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