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This sounds like total BS...the next Ford Echo is going to be a hover car too
This is sooo true. At least dialogs in OS X seem to be less frequent and less wordy
You sound like an idiot...removing java from the OS X install has NOTHING to do with the security of Java. If there is a security hole here, it's the fault of the OS, not the plug-in.
I especially like how "Emergency Calls Only" and "No SIM Card?" are printed right on top of each other in the first picture.
How does the new macbook air compare to a 1st gen ipod touch?
I think the new macbook air is analogous to a really really fast ipod nano with a way bigger screen and a keyboard
4GB of ram seems way too little? OMG what are you doing with your machine? Cmon...at some point, the macbook air is just NOT the right machine for you if you need more than 4GB of ram.
wtf does mifi mean?
LOL...if I was going to display that on a giant screen on a stage with a bunch of executive, I'd probably clean it up a little
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