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I wish the article had more pictures
I'm sure he'd have a lot more money if he didn't blow it all on drugs and partying.
They should have separate security for private jets...what the hell would they be protecting? Obama recently visited my city...I'm pretty sure he didn't go through regular security...LOL
Seriously? It's a private jet!!!! He should be able to bring throwing stars onto his own private jet...c'mon peeps this is stupid.
LOL unfortunately that is the only realistic alternative
All I can say is wow...just wow. The fact that something like this can run straight from a web browser is unbelievable to say the least. Makes me wonder how much of apples security is "perceived" and only waiting for somebody to take advantage. If I was steve jobs, there's be a crap storm this morning in the safari team office
Yup I agree...working on defense-related work is exactly like that...and you know what...it should be. In apples case, they are protecting their investment, and they are just following the same precautions as the government follows with secret clearance.
LOL...thanks for your guess. I guess it's 10 years away...maybe 20.
That's actually a great point...why should I pay for bandwidth used to benefit others...in an unlimited world you wouldn't think about that. I can picture a "cellular subscriber bill of rights" baby!!!
I think this sounds exciting!!! But the above quote is only true for techy geeks (like me)...my mom is definitely not hitting the web to look for tv shows My mom does, however, use a DVR. It's really gotta be stupid simple at the end of the day.
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