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http://www.globalfoundries.com/newsroom/2011/20110830_Samsung.aspx From their press release, Samsung and GlobalFoundries both have a low power process and a high performance/low leakage process and both processes part of Fab Sync so production can move between Samsung and GlobalFoundries with no redesign. Given the ease of bringing GlobalFoundries on stream I wonder what the advantages are of pushing for TSMC as alternate supplier to Samsung?
It's really too bad those rumours that Intel might have designed a custom chip for Apple didn't pan out, since something like a dual core Crystalwell with even just 32 MB of eDRAM would have really helped graphics on the 13" MacBook Pro. I guess it'll have to wait for Broadwell to shrink things down and make it viable.
If Apple can't go Retina with the iPad Mini they can still improve the screen by going full sRGB gamut, improving contrast, and reducing screen reflectance (which DisplayMate found to be worse than the Nexus 7) all of which improve perceived sharpness and display quality without having to actually shrink the pixels. And I don't see why Apple would need a new dedicated cheap iPad Mini especially introducing a new one with the old A5. If they need a lower price point, they...
Apple runs a Free App of the Week promotion. Does anyone know how that works? Is Apple just promoting an app that would have gone free anyways? Or is Apple paying the developer part or all of the price for every download to make it free?
Since WIND uses AWS, I'm guessing they are only supporting recently produced iPhone 5 with AWS support and older iPhone 5 released before T-Mobile became an official partner that don't have AWS support won't work?
I don't think the judge is questioning their right to have a case, the judge is questioning how they go about it. Specifically, the judge obviously wants an efficient trial. Instead both parties threw as many patents and claims as they could come up with into the case. Now both companies have realized the case is too unwieldly and they want the judge to help them figure out what are the essential patents and claims the case should proceed on. This is what the judge...
Hopefully a mix of super-thin plastic and glass isn't as shatter prone as it sounds.
It's quite a bit of work to bring up a chip of a given process. Apple trying to shift silicon production away from Samsung is likely and Apple dual sourcing is also reasonable. But, making SoC at 3 different foundries each with distinct processes? That seems excessive, expensive, and of little benefit.
I thought the issue with supporting many cell phone bands is broader than just baseband chipset support. Different bands also need different support components including power amplifiers and antennae which add cost, space, power, and complexity making a true world phone for 2G through 4G very difficult.
Even with only a few models there's no way Apple can test every possible edge case of user configuration/carrier/local network condition/running apps etc. I don't believe that Apple's software is anymore buggy than anyone else's, but when you're operating on the order of hundreds of millions of users, even a problem affecting a hundredth of a percent of users still impacts tens of thousands of people, which with the internet, only a few need to be vocal for it to be a big...
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