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Nice to get comments right from nVidia. I guess this means that nVidia will continue to be supporting C for CUDA alongside OpenCL. I wonder if you can get a statement from nVidia whether they will move PhysX to OpenCL? Right now PhysX is built on CUDA and requires nVidia GPUs for hardware acceleration. If they moved to OpenCL, then AMD GPUs would support it as well. Although perhaps they prefer to keep PhysX to themselves as a product...
While it may be in nVidia's interest to keep it quiet from the public, I can't see them withholding that information from Apple. I thought Steve Jobs publicly said they are supporting nVidia's platform and are going to use it in future models. It's almost a certainty that Jobs extracted guarantees from nVidia that this won't blow up in his face, before he gave his support, especially given the prior history of the 8600M GT. Just like Jobs supposedly told Motorola during G4...
Apple may well have known that the 9600M GT still uses the old bump material, but may have concluded that it was an acceptable risk. The 9600M GT is produced on a 65nm process instead of 80nm like the 8600M GT and it's heat consumption should be lower reducing the risk of fracture. There may also have been some tweaks made between generations to mitigate the problems even if the same material is used. I believe the new Unibodies also generally run cooler than the old MBP...
It surprises me that Apple doesn't already offer adapters to get the Cinema Display to work with DVI to support at least the older Mac models without DP. It seems like an obvious thing to do and can only increase the market for the Cinema Display. I can't really see a disadvantage with offering adapters. Maybe some people are less likely to upgrade, but I don't see many people buy a new laptop just to use the new Cinema Display. Maybe Apple just doesn't care?
While it may be true that it'd be foolish to take any advertising at face value, I'm surprised Apple is so blunt about it as their defense. It may be true, but it has terrible PR implications. Personally, I think the lawyer writing the argument got his or her grammar wrong. No doubt Steve Jobs is going to wring out whoever came up with this. It'd be interesting to see if Jobs will make note of this during his Macworld keynote.
It's interesting that while Microsoft is teaming up with nVidia just as nVidia and Apple are getting cosy. This likely means that Apple has seen what nVidia has in the pipes and can act accordingly to have PA Semi stay one step ahead. The Tegra APX 2500 seems to be part of the ARM11 family just like the CPU in the current iPhones and Touch. The major advantage seems to be dual - multicore support and an OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU. I think a good Apple response would be to...
Hopefully there are some nice graphics driver improvements in 10.5.6 as hinted at in the recent Torque Game Engine Advanced for Mac Beta system requirements:http://www.garagegames.com/blogs/985/15671Hopefully these bug fixes translate into performance gains.And I guess this means iPhone 2.2 is close too to tie in the MobileMe syncing stuff. Which probably means the obligatory update to iTunes as well.
Hmm. So the return of Sherlock. Might be interesting. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...functions.html Might be related to the Quicklook mechanism for web pages previously reported here.
I thought PASemi will be building a SoC based around ARM and PowerVR. So they are going to return to PowerPC afterall?
Is that really necessary? Hopefully it doesn't create a fuss like Leopard's transparent menu bar all over again.
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