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I terms of nVidia's quiet on their upcoming mobile chipsets, I think it might be indicative of a pullback rather than a secret deal with Apple. With the problems in the G84/G86 lines, the rush to put out a 55nm shrink to make the 9800GTX+ to compete against ATI's 4850, and the need to push out a 55nm shrink of the GT200 series to cut costs, it's quite likely that engineers have been pulled off their mobile chipsets to address other problems.
I don't know about the new nVidia products, but I hope they are power efficient and run cool, since older nVidia chipsets had the reputation of not being very power efficient. Plus, I hope they support all the different throttling modes in Penryn. Seems like a decent option for a MacBook due to the IGP, but not really for the MBP or iMac since they use discrete GPUs anyways.
Mathematica 5.2 released in 2005 supported 64-bit PPC under Tiger. Mathematica 6 dropped 64-bit PPC but added 64-bit Intel mode for both Tiger and Leopard. I wouldn't be surprised if Mathematica was the first major 64-bit app, since the lack of 64-bit GUI in Tiger isn't an issue for this type of program since it spins of number crunching threads anyways that can be made 64-bit.What makes you say that? Windows XP x64 and Vista x64 are actually more 64-bit than OS X since it...
Just curious to see if anyone knows if Lightroom's 64-bit support is just x64 or also 64-bit PPC for the G5?
If a ZunePhone is going to be based on Windows 7, that puts it at least a year's away. By that time, Apple would have announced, if not released it's next iPhone model, which will probably be a more of a redesign rather than mainly a feature addition as the iPhone 3G was. Microsoft is going to find itself up against entrenched competitors with the iPhone for consumers and the Blackberry for business, just like the iPod was against the Zune, and they'll likely find the...
I suggest someone program a nice 3D mini-game, cross-platform of course. Give Jobs and Gates/Ballmer a Man-of-War and have them duke it out.
I'm not quite sure how useful these new features are. When I'm previewing things I generally want a separate window with a controller so I can scrub through it, since the beginning few seconds aren't always enough to identify it. I guess there is nothing wrong with adding new features if older features aren't taken away, but they could probably spend time on more useful things though. But perhaps these features fit other people's usage patterns more. And the double...
I wasn't really questioning whether a transaction takes place, but more the type of product it is. It could be that all retail box Apple OS are really an "upgrade" to existing Apple software/hardware, rather than retail Microsoft OS which are available as stand-alone products for new-builds or in upgrade form. I haven't taken a close look at Apple's license agreement lately, but I would think that it stipulates the need to already own previous Apple hardware/software just...
I hope that means Apple's not about to charge iPod Touch users another fee so soon.
Psystar's argument is most likely flawed. I don't believe Apple really sells it's OS as a separate product like Microsoft, but rather as an upgrade to software that is included on Apple hardware when you buy an Apple computer. If Apple loses you'd think Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would be guilty of not offering their XBox, PS3 or Wii OS on each other's consoles.
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