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Thanks for the detailed response.
The iPad 3 launch last year makes total sense for lower sales this year. But I question whether drawing down inventory had anything to do with it. I thought Apple counted actual sales to consumers, not stock entering the pipeline. That has been a distinction often made - that many of the droid makers count a product as "sold" as soon as Best Buy places an order. Unless Apple is now doing the same, drawing down channel inventory wouldn't have any effect on numbers sold.
I think you were watching the pre-report daily trading numbers.  You need to keep your finger on the pulse and check the post-report, after hours numbers.  Up almost 5%.
That is only partially true.  Many events were held throughout the UK - from the south coast up to Scotland.  The fact that shops in London saw a drop off in sales was wholly unexpected.
I totally agree.  I'm surprised there isn't more of an outcry about it.  Maybe all the retina MBP's went to photoshop/video editing types who don't use Office??
I don't like the .me address they gave me so I try to never use it.  But my .mac address works just fine still.
Ok. So this article is about bad journalism and how it may have hurt Apple. It's NOT about politics. And yes, I'm looking at you Apple ][, APPLEBIRD, jmmx and even ahmlco. If you want to fight about politics, go to a political site. This is about Apple. Don't let this site follow MDN down the path of encouraging vitriolic political posts.
I imagine that Apple was very closely involved with the offer from the supplier. You know that they're a special specification in one way or another.
Don't taint this discussion with your own political views. And certainly don't insult others whose very valid political viewpoint just happens to be different to your own. ("dirty pro-union libs . . . .") I happen to be liberal and a very vocal defender of Apple on this issue. Blame anti-Apple zealots if you like, but it's nothing to do with American politics.
What an incredibly naive post. And I didn't call you anything.
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